News — March 15, 2020

JCI President Itai Manyere's Statement on COVID-19

As a global organization dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders for this changing world, we are deeply concerned about the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, and its impact on JCI communities around the world. As always, your health and well-being is our top priority.

We will continue to pay close attention to health authorities and follow the advice of regional governments when the health and safety of JCI members is concerned. The situation surrounding COVID-19 varies greatly from each country. JCI World Headquarters may not always have the most up-to-date information about your area. Stay informed with local media and follow the guidelines of your national government and the World Health Organization.

Please remain patient as we work with JCI Area Conference Organizing Committees to find the best way to meet the needs of our members and JCI as a whole, whilst ensuring their safety at all times. As soon as we have information about the status of an international event, we will inform all registered delegates via email and communicate with the broader JCI community via social media.

It is also essential to stay informed at the local level. Your local JCI Organization has your best interest at heart. Follow your organization on social media for the most updated information affecting JCI events in your community.

We must continue to stay positive. JCI members will continue to lead by example, offering support in any way they can during this time of uncertainty. We know that together, we can stop the spread of this virus and move forward to address the developing economic impact it will have on the entire world.  

We can use this time to reflect on ways we can find sustainable solutions to support businesses and communities who will carry this burden in the years to come. Now is the time to show that JCI members will step up to the challenge of rebuilding communities.

Together we can Bridge the Gap that has been created by this pandemic during these difficult and hectic times and do not forget that we are all in this together!  

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