News — March 20, 2020

JCI SYMA Makes a Fresh Start for 2020

On Friday the 17th of January, JCI SYMA had their Annual Meeting. With the 2020 theme in mind, “Impact Through Success, the first meeting of the year had as theme: “From Small Beginning Comes Great Success”. This theme was chosen because all great things or successes in life are somewhere the result of a small beginning. How small or insignificant it may seem, a berry beginning, fueled by passion, discipline and perseverance will lead to it achieving your goals. Similarly, a start was that day on the course JCI SYMA will take for 2020. The highlights for the evening were the presentations of the 2019 JCI SYMA final report and the ACF Project Proposal “Gi Brudu”. Furthermore, 5 directors were installed and the meeting was closed with a session by the business builder Mr. Ashween Achaibersing.

The well-attended meeting was neatly led by the board by following the Robert Rules of Order closely.  

The board members who are leading JCI SYMA in 2020 are:

  • Local President: Marilyn Defares
  • Executive Vice President: Julio Irokromo
  • Vice President Internal: Shanna Tjong-Ahin
  • Vice President External: Samantha Maaijen
  • Local Secretary: Chevelly Plet
  • Local Treasurer: Trevor Heilbron.

First on the agenda was the verification of the last quarter of 2019 which was presented and approved. After that, the 2019 final report of JCI SYMA was presented by the Immediate Past President Latoya Tuinfort. The final report was unanimously adopted.

The following directors were also installed during the meeting:

  • Saïdah Loe Sack Sioe - Director JCI SYMA's Training Program 2020
  • Ivannia Dragtenstein - Director JCI SYMA Business Planning and Growth Series
  • Chanelle Rellum - Director Retentions & Fundraising
  • Simona Krak - Director JCI SYMA Gi Brudu ACF project
  • Adagracia Pawiro - Verification Director 
  • Thaïs Druivendal - Legal Counsel 

The evening ended with a session hosted by Mr. Ashween Achaibersing. During his session he got members to think about how their personal goals matches the organizational goals. The title of the session was "YOU vs The World: How do your goals match up?"

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