Press Release — May 01, 2020

2020 JCI European Conference FAQ

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the 2020 JCI European Conference in Dublin, Ireland can no longer take place.

We’re sorry this event cannot happen and we know you have questions. Please check the following for details about registration, fees & program deadlines.


Will my registration fee be refunded?
Every registered delegate will receive a refund of 60% of the amount they paid. This is to ensure that financial obligations involved in organizing the conference are upheld while giving Members the most fair and equitable refund.

Why can’t I receive 100% of my paid registration price, and how are refunds being financed?
While planning international events, contracts are signed with a multitude of partners, vendors and entities. Unfortunately, not all vendor contracts are written equally, and at times they are written in favor of parties outside of JCI. Contractual deposits are standard in contracts, and at the time of event cancellations, the organizers typically lose these deposits. Event promotions is also a necessary expenditure for events, and COC teams invest a lot of time and resources into this prior to the event, notably on marketing and promotion at other major events. These are line items that cannot be refunded. All of these factors inevitably affect event organizing teams, who then stand to lose significant amounts of money, especially when an event is cancelled for reasons out of their control.

We have evaluated this extensively and exhausted every avenue for additional funds to be returned to delegates, but the reality is that events like the 2020 JCI European Conference require significant expenditure before they even take place. For these reasons, the refund amount can only be 60%. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and grace in these extremely challenging circumstances.

When will I receive my refund for the 2020 JCI European Area Conference?
We estimate that the refund process will begin on 31 May 2020, and all refunds will be made available within 90 days from that date.

Why can’t I transfer my Conference registration to a future Conference or the 2020 JCI World Congress?
To ensure the financial integrity of each individual Conference and Congress, as well as the best interests of JCI Members, we do not transfer registrations from one event to another.

Every JCI Conference, Congress and Conference Organizing Committee (COC) operates with autonomy, therefore they each have individual budgets, teams and even policies specific to countries and financial obligations. 

There is no “pool” for funds or a shared budget in JCI for events. While JCI utilizes Cvent for most of our event registration and payment management processes, each Conference and Congress are considered separate events within the system. Because they are separate events, unique to each COC, funds do not flow from one into another. This ensures transparent and accurate financial records and safeguards the integrity of the event for every COC team.

If we transfer a registration from one event to another manually within Cvent, it generates financial implications and problems for each Conference Organizing Committee and Hosting Organization. Unfortunately, taking a paid registration from one event and applying it to another leaves the original event with a deficit that cannot be accounted for. This leaves the COC with an unbalanced budget.

Further complications also occur because the registration amounts for each event are usually different. There are also administration fees applied to every transaction, which covers the services rendered by our registration software and standard credit card transactions.


How do I cancel my hotel room reservations?
Refunds will be available if you booked on the official Conference website. For information on Headquarters Hotel and other reservations made for the European Conference in Dublin booked on the official Conference website, please contact 
Will I be refunded for airline/transportation tickets?

No, we cannot refund individual air ticket costs. Please contact your airline or travel agent directly regarding ticket cancellations.


Will I be refunded for tour payments?
For information on tours and the Senate Program for the European Conference in Dublin, please contact


What is taking place with Awards, Twinning, Public Speaking & Debating?
Although the Conference is cancelled, the Awards and other JCI Programs will still be taking place.

What is the Registration Deadline for Awards, Twinning, Public Speaking & Debating?
4 May 2020

What is the Judging Deadline for Awards?
24 May 2020

How do I register to judge this year’s Awards?
If you are interested in becoming a judge for this year’s awards, visit the events page for the 2020 JCI European Conference and use the drop-down menu for Programs to register.

Public Speaking and Debating

When will the Area Conference preliminary rounds take place for public speaking and debating?
At this stage, the preliminary heats of public speaking competitions and Area Conference debate teams will be moved to the first day of World Congress in Yokohama, Japan. These events are being moved because they require the interpretation of vocal tone, body language, audience engagement and delivery of topics, and members should have the chance to compete in person. 

When will the final public speaking and debating competitions take place?
The winners of the preliminary world public speaking championship competitions, one from each area, will compete later in the 2020 JCI World Congress schedule in Yokohama, Japan.

What if I have already registered to compete?
If you have registered to compete at Area Conferences, you will receive an email communication from the JCI Events team with more information on this preliminary competition.

For questions about this year’s competition, please email

When will this year’s public speaking topic be announced?
Topics will be voted on by survey, starting in May!

Will there still be a winner announced for each Area competition round?
Winners of Area Conference debating competitions hosted at World Congress will receive the title of winning team for that Area. Following the usual debate competition rules, those teams will not automatically be registered to compete in the final round of competition.

For questions about this year’s competition, please email 

Will there be Conference Assemblies for Conferences that have postponed or cancelled?
Conference Assemblies will still be taking place virtually for cancelled events in consultation with your Area’s Board of Directors. Then European Conference Assembly will take place on Saturday 30 May, more technical details will be sent soon to National Presidents. 

Will there be online program content available for Conferences that have been cancelled?
Yes, we are aiming to provide quality online programs and content to JCI members around the world. More information will be provided once the details have been finalized.

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