News — May 14, 2020

Join JCI: Real Success Stories

The 2020 Growth and Development Committee presents a session on membership growth and retention.

What are the strategies, tools and technology that attract young people to JCI and get them to stay? Join a special online session for real success stories from leaders at the local and national level who have transformed their organizations with effective leadership.
The Development Councils in each of the four JCI Areas have come together to offer a training session on how to maintain strong membership levels. On Sunday 17 May at 13:00 UTC, JCI will host the webinar live on our Facebook channel.

Meet the Trainers

Frederik Bevendorf | “Leading During Corona – Everything is Different”
2020 JCI Frankfurt am Main President Frederik Bevendorf helped build a sustainble “Growth4Future” model to attract and maintain 100 members for several years.

Argenis Angulo | "Leadership: Impact, Opportunities, Change”
2020 Advocacy Committee Chairperson and 2019 Executive Price President for America, Argenis Angulo is an experienced trainer who has lead sessions for over 30,000 people in over 100 countries.

Abdrahamane COULIBALY |“Recruitment by Example”
Economist Abrahamane Coulibaly has been a JCI member for 17 years. He served as 2015 JCI Mali President and 2016 JCI Vice President. Responsible for growth at the local level, he boosted the membership of his organization to more than 100 members – a record in his organization’s history.

Gary Lee | “A Leader Builds More Leaders”
Gary Lee served as 2019 Bandar Klang President and is the current JCI Malaysia National Linguistic Commissioner Chair. He is responsible for bringing a 3-year-old local organization to 100 members and maintaining active status among 70 percent of the organization.

We hope to see all of you engaged this weekend! Local Presidents, Membership Directors and Board Members may find it especially helpful. This live session is free and available to JCI members around the world. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from world-class leaders how we can continue adding value to our organizations together. To get a reminder about the session, visit the preview on JCI's Facebook.

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