Press Release — July 01, 2020

Aboudou Walid Agro Honored as One of the 2020 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World


July 1, 2020, St. Louis, USA — For his incredible service to others and his advocacy for quality education, Aboudou Walid Agro of Benin has been selected as a 2020 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) Honoree in the category of Personal Improvement and/or Accomplishment.

Aboudou Walid Agro’s impressive background has lent itself well to a variety of roles. Throughout his life he has made it his mission to serve others as a microbiologist, food technologist, journalist, presenter, consultant and trainer. He has dedicated his time and energy to many leadership positions in JCI and in the community.
In 2017, Mr. Agro was recognized as one of the 35 most promising young people in Benin and took part in the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Young Leaders of Benin program. He participated in the Mandela Washington Fellow program in 2018, where he gave several speeches and was recognized as an Honorary Citizen of the city of Boone, North Carolina, USA. Upon his return, he completed several projects and was chosen by the United States State Department to take part in a regional summit on the improvement of education in Africa.

Improving quality education throughout Benin has always been close to Mr. Agro’s heart. He founded the English Impact Benin Club and the Academy of Leadership and Civic Engagement. These community organizations provide English and leadership classes for those who cannot afford to enroll in expensive training programs. Through his various courses, Mr. Agro has impacted more than 15,000 Beninese.

He continues to inspire change through his writing. His books, The Beninese Dream and No, I Refuse, propose solutions to Benin’s most pressing socio-political, economic and humanitarian problems. He currently serves as the Publishing Director of the Leadership and Civic Engagement Journal, the only Beninese newspaper dedicated specifically to civic leadership, non-profit and NGO projects.

Mr. Agro has mentored seventeen young people in the past two years. He is convinced “the happiest are those who are serving others,” and makes his daily life an opportunity to help others be happy.

About JCI TOYP: JCI (Junior Chamber International) honors ten outstanding young people under the age of 40 each year. These individuals exemplify the spirit of the JCI Mission and have extraordinary accomplishments regarding individual development, business and entrepreneurship, community action and international cooperation. Whether through service, innovation, determination or revolutionary thinking, these young leaders create positive change on a local and global level.

The ten honorees will be recognized at the 2020 JCI Awards Ceremony at the 2020 JCI World Congress in November.

About JCI: JCI, a global leadership organization, provides personal and professional development opportunities to young leaders age 18 to 40. Through its international network of around 110 countries, JCI unites all sectors of society and empowers the leaders of tomorrow to create positive and lasting change today. For more information, visit

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