Media Appearance — July 13, 2020

News item: JCI Unify is creating environmental awareness among children

As a member of JCI, there are plenty of opportunities that can be taken or should be taken as part of ones' growth process. One of these options is to carry out projects. Ideas of members are discussed extensively and converted into project proposals after brainstorming. Since we work in accordance with the JCI Active Citizen Framework (ACF) model, we used it to implement an environmental project.

The project idea originated in 2010 but it was not until 2012 that the direction of the project was finally clearly defined, giving a more sustainable character to the implementation. Since we believe that young people are the future of tomorrow, our focus was on young people, and also because they are already learning environmental issues at school.

For years, environmental reform and awareness had been a hot topic that not only concerned international but also local organizations. Hence the focus on an environmental project, especially aimed at young people. They could act as environmental ambassadors.


Teaching and involving Surinamese youth in issues related to climate change that cause loss of biodiversity and environmental disasters.

Specific objectives are:
1. Raise awareness about environmental and global changes
2. Provide knowledge for identification and prevention of disasters
3. Developing green tools: promoting reading skills
4. Emphasize the role of third through sixth grade students as green ambassadors.


The Green Ambassadors (GA) is a community program focused on youth and the environment.

The main elements of this program are:
1. The environment and global changes
2. Disasters caused by human actions and prevention methods
3. Green aids (green children's book)
4. The role of youth as a Green Ambassador (GA)

An educational environmental booklet has been developed to teach children in a child-friendly way how they can contribute to keeping their own (local) environment safe and clean. They will learn how to become Green Ambassadors; champions for the preservation of a green and sustainable environment.

The program is based on the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Active Citizens Framework. Within the JCI Active Citizens Framework, the Green Ambassador becomes an awareness tool for young people to understand that they live in a dynamic environment. Over the past decade, the effects of environmental changes, mostly caused by humans, have negatively impacted our way of life.

Current data indicates that the pressure on the environment in this COVID-19 time with lockdowns is decreasing, but after the lockdowns there will also be a sharp increase in pollution. Young people could seize this opportunity to make people aware through social media and in their direct surroundings of their role in better dealing with the environment.

That is why we decided to start selling the books we had left over again.

From the 2nd until the 21st of July persons are able to purchase there own Green Ambassadors Book!

The book costs only SRD 15,- and can be delivered free of charge within Paramaribo
Donating a book via JCI Unify to the families affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic is also allowed!
You can order via the following link!…/1FAIpQLSff4fVLq8Uaj9Ina…/viewform…

Or contact us on these numbers (Whatsapp/Bellen):

  • 8853471
  • 8803390

This is the link for the news item that was aired on our local TV station (Language is Dutch)

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