News — November 11, 2020

JCI New York State Convention with Award-Winning Entrepreneurs, Best Selling Authors and Thought Leaders.

You are invited to attend the JCI New York State Convention on November 14, starting at 9:00 am ET (New York Time). You will be able to meet top JCI USA and International leadership and discuss with award-winning entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and international consultants. Join it now at

The Convention is organized by JCI New York City, the most international chapter in the world.

Each year JCI New York State Board of Directors organizes the state conventions to connect, learn, share, celebrate, and showcase our common community actions.

In 2020 JCI New York City has been trusted by the JCI New York State to host this most awaited event. Although we are in a pandemic period, our motive is to unite JCI lovers in New York State, around the USA, the Americas, and the world.

THE TOPIC: The topic of the convention is Transformation: Becoming Resilient in Times of Uncertainty.

JCI GUESTS: During the convention, you will meet JCI USA National President Justin Wutzke, and the National President-Elect Heather Danley, EVP Kevin Hinds, VP Shenella Govia, and of course, JCI New York State President Aprille Aquino, Vice President Crispin Bottomley, and other NY State officials.

SPEAKERS: You will meet and be able to interact directly with an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, and thought leaders.

AGENDA: You can analyze the Agenda and the list of all speakers on the JCI New York State Convention website

TIME: In this context, JCI New York City has the immense pleasure to invite you to the 2020 JCI New York State Convention which will be held on November 14, 2020 starting at 09:00 AM EST.

REGISTRATION: Grateful if you could register for the event soon

SPONSORSHIP: We would highly appreciate it if you could also consider becoming a sponsor of this event, thus contributing more than the registration fee. You can easily do it directly through the website, or contact us about this.

THE GOAL: Through this Convention, we wish to share our vision and take action to face a changing world and sustain the JCI idea of developing leaders for a changing world. With the different programs proposed, we wish to connect and engage with each other and celebrate outstanding chapters and individuals that moved the organization forward.


JCI New York City was featured in the Outstanding Chapter panel at the JCI USA Annual Meeting. It is formed of young driven leaders, who organize complex high profile events, and that cannot be stopped by any crisis. JCI New York City is the most international chapter in the world, as we have members who are originally from Moldova, Mauritius, Honduras, Romania, Germany, Burkina Faso, Macao, Argentina, Niger, India, Puerto Rico, Guyana, Morocco, Guinea, Philippines, Colombia, Nigeria, and of course from the US.

Here are just some of the 2020 accomplishment:

  • Q&As with World-Leading Experts - when the pandemic just hit us, there was misinformation and confusion, thus we organized virtual Q&As with leading experts on virology from Rockefeller, Columbia, and New York Universities, one of whom received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Besides, we had Q&As with a UN representative and World TOYP winner.
  • Pandemic Pivots - a series of trainings on how to make money fast if you lost your job or need an additional source of income (by trading, social media, podcasting etc), which fits nicely the JCI RISE initiative.
  • JCI Official and Non-official Trainings - we organized over 20 official (with JCI USA) and non-official courses. Thus we reached over 1,000 participants throughout the globe (the US, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Norway, Belgium, Nigeria etc) and helped raise a new generation of JCI trainers.
  • Partnerships - we co-organized events and built strong partnerships with JCI San Francisco, JCI Santa Clarita, Liverpool Jaycees, JCI North Jersey, JCI New Jersey, JCI Philippine-NY,  JCI Rochester, and with JCI USA and JCI Global Advocacy Team, as well as with the JCI New York State (for instance, during the Spring Convention, we organized a lecture on building powerful visions in times of uncertainty with a professor from Cornell University) as well as with current and past JCI International, USA National, and State presidents and vice-presidents. And we maintain correspondence with multiple international chapters and organizations like JCI Moldova, Chisinau, Mauritius, City Plus, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Macao, Shizuoka Japan etc.
  • Betterkind - a 21-day transformational habit program to help people overcome their internal crisis and be ready to RISE ready for success. It features experts on Habit, Life missions and Willpower, and superhumans that sharpened their habits to perfection so they could accomplish some heroic deeds, like walk 17,000 km to end child begging in India, or race while being a mother of 6 children. 
  • Support social justice - when the Black Lives Movement started, JCI New York City released a video supporting it.
  • Social Events - Drumming, Hiking, Biking, Dinners, World Clean-up day.
  • Internal events - 37 BOD meetings, 8 All Members Meetings, 1 BOD elections, a community survey, and in-depth root-cause analysis that guided our strategy and actions.
  • Social media - We have deployed weekly newsletters and are present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • And we are ready to organize some more amazing high-impact projects, that will help our economy and society RISE.
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