News — April 20, 2021

JCI Nilom National Speech Competition 2021 - 25th Edition

Preparations for the NSC 2021 initially started in 2020. Various students from various secondary schools had applied for the selection. However, only 13 students from this group were selected to participate in the training program. The initial trainer was none other than Senator Francis Small, who taught the students the necessary tricks. However, we were then confronted with the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced us to paralyze it completely.

After doing our homework, we at JCI Nilom decided to continue this great project nonetheless. It was decided to continue with the original group of students. As a result, this group of students was again invited to participate in the event. All this never went without the necessary struggle. The current Covid-19 situation caused a large part of the students to become increasingly demotivated. With sufficient effort from my side as well as the new trainer National Vice President Ruiz Kartoredjo, the students were kept motivated and we were still able to make a great event out of the whole.

Apart from the persons mentioned above, the sponsors were also notable; Assuria, Fernandes group, De Nederlandse Ambassade, Surichange bank, CMC print, K&K heritage group, Staatsolie, De STVS and Jamur Institute, enormously important for the creation of the whole. The students who participated were: Sharifa Hooghart (AMS), Yoiraisa Agard (Lyco 2), Shemar Rier (Lyco2), Kareena Sookraj (CPI), Jade Borgis (SGK), Sofena Seymore (Imeao 1), Richard Pinas (HHS) , Eugenie Sevetia (SMO).

The event was held on Saturday April 3rd. and was recorded in the STVS studio. On Saturday April 17th. the event was broadcast on STVS. The final results are as follows; The best speaking student at the 25th edition of the National Speech Contest, Sharifa Hooghart (Winaar), Shemar Rier (1st runner-up) and Yoiraisa Agard (2nd runner-up). The winner took home a trophy of ownership, a brand new laptop, and a sum of SRD 4500, -. The 1st runner also received an own trophy, a tablet and a sum of SRD 3500, -. The 2nd runner-up also received an ownership trophy and a sum of SRD 2500, -. As of today, these students will act as JCI Nilom Ambassadors and will participate in various projects of our chapter.

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