News — March 31, 2022

JCI Unify Business Fair

Saturday, 26th of March, 2022, JCI Unify held a Business Fair at Connection Mall!

At the Business Fair, entrepreneurs received the opportunity to promote their products and get exposure for their business.

The opening was done by our Local President (LP) Tiffany Kartowidjojo.

We had a guest speaker named mr. Jethro Wirht, who talked about 'The Emotions Behind the Entrepreneur'. Then, the guests had the opportunity to look at and buy products from the businesses present.

The businesses present at the fair were:
-Madame La Tas Ponche Cremas & more( )
-Mi Froktu (
-Lena's Swit Tesi ( & SUFABRI (
-KellyF Babyshop (
-Bibi's Products (
-Thrift Goddess (
- TDF School of Music (
- Casnovs (
- KWSuriname (
-Elbee Handmade Bags (

There was also a JCI Unify Booth, where the Green Book and Green board game were displayed. In addition, National President (NP) Mario Vermeer, assigned National Vice President (NVP), Raisa White and other JCI board members also paid us a visit!

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