News — October 10, 2022

JCI Nilom received 15 Awards

During the 59th JCI Suriname-National Convention Met Gala Award, JCI Nilom received 15 Awards

Support Awards:
1. Public Relations Award
2. Trainer of the year - Past President Ruiz Kartoredjo

Main Awards:
1. Best Debate Team - Past President Ruiz, fellow Shivan and fellow Gabijony
2. Best Public Speaker - VPE Delano Arnhem
3. Best International Cooperation Project - ARISE Border Public Speaking Competition
4. Most Outstanding New Member - fellow Gabijony Manpikien
5. Most Outstanding Local Organization - JCI Nilom
6. Most Outstanding Local President - Local President Acheber Jamin
7. Best Inter Collaboration Project - Collaboration is Winning
8. Best Individual Impact Program - Arki Mi Debate Program
9. Best Local Development Program - ABC Recruitment and Development Program (Growth Ambassador Misael Lachitjaran )
10. Most Outstanding Project - Arki Mi Debate
11. Best Business and Entrepreneurship Program - Business Networking and Empowerment Event
12. Best Global Goals Project - National Speech Contest
Thank you to all the Senators, Past Presidents, Key Jaycees, current Board Officers, Directors and Observers who have stepped up to the task.

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