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Annual Meeting 2023 JCI Unify

Annual Meeting 2023 JCI Unify 

JCI Unify had their Annual meeting on the 25th of January 2023.🤗💚

Here are some highlights of this meeting:
- opening exercises
- Installation Board members:
1. 2023 Local Secretary Janelle Harkhoe
2. 2023 Vice President External Roxanna Soerohardjo

- Installation of Directors:
1. Mitchel Monsels
2. Esten Cohen
3. Isaura Tholen
4. Fernanda Krak
5. Mireille Djoe
6. Amiënsha Touwslager
7. Samentha Aarland

- Final report presentation by Immediate Past President Tiffany Kartowidjojo.

- project proposals:
1. Fellowship Program presented by Director Amiënsha Touwslager
2. Mentorship Program presented by VPI Consuella Daniël
3. Fundraising; Buy a book for a child (Paramaribo Edition) presented by Director Samentha Aarland
- Officers report of the Local board members

Congratulations to all the Directors! Best wishes on your journey and may all your projects succeed.💚

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