News — December 11, 2002

Celebrate JCI Day!

When we ask members what JCI means to them and what they have gained from JCI, their moving replies show us why we must celebrate December 11, JCI Day. They are a testimony to how much JCI has contributed to the happiness and success of many of its members, their communities, and the world. Here are some excerpts from statements made by members of the 2002 JCI Executive Committee:
In 1944, when our U.S.-born movement reached the international level, Junior Chamber emerged with great strength from the second greatest world crisis bringing a sense of hope and commitment from young people around the world to create world peace? Overcoming enormous difficulties, these young people were able to succeed and make a positive change: they created an international movement that fought for progress based on peace. This has been our mission, courage and vision since the establishment of JCI? ? JCI President Salvi Batlle I have learned many, many lessons about life and leadership through my involvement with JCI. Makoto Igarashi, a past JCI Vice-President from Japan, taught me one of the most important lessons. From Makoto, I learned to recognize, in my personal life as well as my JCI life, the importance of "learning by doing" and "receiving by giving." Those are two things that JCI members do every day, all around the world, but it was my good friend Makoto that brought out the importance of applying those two things to my entire life and not just to my work within JCI. ? JCI General Legal Counsel and 2003 President Bruce A. Rector I am what I am today because of Junior Chamber? Junior Chamber helped me become a more disciplined, confident, focused person. It thought me how to prepare mission statements... It has made a great difference in my attitude to life. Junior Chamber has given me the opportunity and the audience to train? I have made friends around the world. This is more important than money? I have learned to work and manage people? Junior Chamber is a passport to the world and a university of life. ? JCI Executive Vice President Ebiowei Tobi JCI has helped me become the kind of person I am right now compared to 14 years ago? I would like to continue developing into a better individual as well as share my experience with my family and all the members I meet. ? JCI Executive Vice President Marcelo N. Fernan I would say that 95% of what I do every day in my business and personal life I've learned in Junior Chamber? During my travels around the world, I have seen that our organization is doing exactly what is needed?preparing great leaders?I will do my best, during the six years I have left in the organization, to make our organization grow both in quality and in quantity. We need to constantly change our approach to new generations and improve the way we work. ? JCI Executive Vice President Lars Hajslund I would not be in the job I am today as Marketing Manager with Heineken Ireland were it not for the training, personal development and public speaking skills I developed in Junior Chamber? I certainly would not have traveled the world as extensively as I have, nor made the myriad of friendships and networks I have were it not for Junior Chamber. ? JCI Executive Vice President Kevin Cullinane
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