News — December 18, 2002

Solidarity with Members in Ivory Coast

Since September this year, Ivory Coast, a country previously used as reference for political stability in Western Africa, has become embroiled in a civil war. Starting as a mutiny, the conflict has escalated to cover the entire Northern half of the country. Attempts to reconcile the warring factions have repeatedly failed, although ceasefire talks continue in Togo.
Ivory Coast Junior Chamber With more than a thousand members, Ivory Coast Junior Chamber has been a leading National Organization Member (NOM) in Area A. At JCI meetings, including the Las Vegas World Congress, Ivory Coast has been traditionally well represented. How Jaycees are affected During the JCI World Congress in Las Vegas, Ivory Coast Junior Chamber members rose one morning to find that the conflict had escalated. NOM President Amine El Hamzahoui, who resides in the City of Man, realized that his city was under siege. Not able to return home right away, he went in Paris, and was hoping to arrive in Abidjan on December 20, 2002. Members of fourteen Ivory Coast Junior Chamber chapters are caught up in the war-devastated area of the country. Members in the government-controlled areas have taken the initiative to assist those whose lives have been torn apart by the conflict. In Abidjan, Jaycees are currently working hard to provide shelter, food and clothing to members who have successfully escaped from the war-devastated areas and have arrived in Abidjan, often after walking hundreds of kilometers through dangerous terrain. How you can help As the number of JCI members arriving from the war-devastated areas continues to increase, there is a growing need for material and financial assistance. Members in Abidjan are running out of resources to provide essential assistance. They badly need your help, in any form necessary. They require clothing, food, first aid, and money. At this time of the year, toys and gifts for children would also be appreciated. We would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the wisdom of the six tenets of our Creed advocating brotherhood, freedom, good governance, respect for human dignity, and service to humanity. As violence can greatly compromise these ideals, we hope the people of Ivory Coast will opt for a peaceful resolution and restore hope in the lives of a people in despair. On behalf of our members in Ivory Coast, Junior Chamber International appeals to you and members worldwide. Please show your support to the people and Jaycees in Ivory Coast. The national Secretariat will serve as the contact bureau for all such assistance. Here?s the information you need to assist the NOM: Jeune Chambre Economique de Cote d?Ivoire 01 BP 3714 Abidjan 01 Tel: (225) 20 32 76 86 (Open weekdays from 0900 to 1500 GMT) CONTACT Issa OUATTARA Email: Mobile Tels. (225) 07 09 68 52, (225) 05 30 28 68 Bank Information Jeune Chambre Economique de Cote d?Ivoire 01 BP 3714 Abidjan 01 Bank: BICICI Branch: AGENCE CENTRAL BANK CODE: A 006 Account Number: 09550 077157 000 26 Ivory Coast NOM President Amine El Hamzahoui expresses his sincere gratitude for all for the hundreds of notes of solidarity and sympathy he has received, and is counting on your continuous support.
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