News — April 22, 2013

Register today for the 2013 JCI Global Partnership Summit

Come to New York City from July 24 to 26 to explore the world’s greatest challenges alongside JCI’s key partners and supporters.

Collaborate for positive change. Collaborate for impact. What does this mean? At the JCI Global Partnership Summit, young people unite with leaders of business, civil society and government to address the needs and challenges of our communities and our world. By collaborating and crafting sustainable solutions, these young active citizens have the power to create positive change on the local, national and global level. The JCI Global Partnership Summit provides an innovative and inspiring environment for JCI members to work with international partners, business leaders and government officials to address the state of the world today and look to the future. 


Sustainable impact is achieved through the collective action of active citizens from all sectors within local communities. This year in New York City, Summit delegates and partners will discuss the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the state of our progress in reaching these goals. Spanning a wide variety of global issues like poverty, hunger, equality, disease, education and sustainability, JCI members have used these eight time-bound goals as a guide for addressing problems and taking action. However, the global conversation of the future is expanding. Less than 1000 days from the 2015 MDG deadline, it is time to look to the next set of global initiatives. What matters to you in the post 2015 agenda? What has been done to advance these goals and what do we need to focus on next? JCI will gather partners and stakeholders to start the important discussion of our world in 2015 and beyond. 


Turning Ideas into Impact

Embracing the development of a post 2015 agenda, the 2013 Summit will begin with the first day focused on MDG progress. JCI members and partners will discuss what they have been doing since 2000 to advance these eight goals. Through keynote guest speakers and panel discussions, delegates will learn more about the state of the MDGs and where different parts of the world stand in achieving these goals. 


Discussions and activities of day two will focus on community engagement and uniting all sectors of society to discuss and advance these global issues. Whether it is poverty, education, health or sustainability, young active citizens from every sector have the power to share resources and take local action for global change. Delegates will attend one of three JCI Active Citizen FrameWorkshops, focusing on the three stages of community development, Health and Wellness, Education and Economic Empowerment, and Sustainability. Experts will highlight successful case studies showcasing the challenges, actions and innovative solutions used to create impact through partnerships. 


The final day of the Summit will allow delegates to address the future of their communities and our world. The post 2015 global development agenda will build on progress made by the MDGs, but will also address inequalities and new challenges facing our world. Focused on advancing this agenda, it is up to young active citizens from all sectors to discuss what issues will exist after the 2015 MDG deadline. Looking to the past as we create the future, Friday’s events will take place at the UN Building, where the original MDGs were adopted in 2000. To foster creative thinking, delegates will participate in panel discussions and interactive sessions to hear from thought and action leaders that are at the forefront of the post 2015 process. 


Gathering all of the ideas from these discussions, thoughts and actions from the three days, delegates will draft a 2013 JCI Global Partnership Summit resolution. JCI members will implement this resolution at the local level to further advance the MDGs and lay the groundwork for their role in the post-2015 global agenda. 


Discover New York, New York

This diverse city that never sleeps is the perfect setting to provide an inspiring environment for active citizens from all sectors to think about the future of our world. Host to organizations and businesses who are at the center of grassroots change, technology, commerce and innovation, New York City has a powerful influence over both domestic and worldwide activity.  


Taking place at the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown as well as a few blocks away at the historic UN building, delegates will be at the heart of the hustle and bustle of America’s metropolis. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this city, including the vibrant nightlife, diverse cuisine, world-renowned museums, iconic Empire State Building and the beautiful Central Park. 


Register for the Summit and learn more about the program today. 

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