News — May 30, 2013

The Project ???Our diversity, my pride??? of the JCI Cotonou

Since the period of balkanization up to the independence and through that of colonization, the African continent has undergone a lot of separations which today divide us into regions, States, departments??? People, brothers in the past, are now separated and divided for various interests. A quick glance at the conflicts prevailing on the continent reveals that one of the constant factors thatcome out again and again the quite permanent implication of social groups called ???ethnic groups ???. April 30, 2013, a multitude of youngsters and journalists gathered around the Director of the American Cultural Center, Mr. Douglas E. Johnston, in presence of the Mediator of the Republic Professor Albert TEVOEDJRE, the founding Father of JeuneChambreInternationaleCotonou (Benin), Senator Emmanuel GUIDIBI, the President of the union of the Professionals of the Media (UPMB) Senator Brice HOUSSOU, the Executive Vice-president Zone Aof JCI Benin, Marius KINDJI representing the National President, the President of JCI Cotonou Gildas O. SEHLIN and the Project Manager, Eustache GNIMAVO. They stayedin the Kennedy-King Library of the American Cultural Center where the launching ceremony of the project named ???Our Diversity, My Pride??? held, a life-saving project which pulls on the alarm in relation to the dangers awaiting Benin. According to the director of the project, regionalism appears more or less slightly in Benin, and in the entire sub - region, spreading over to political and administrative level. Like a sword, the consequences of such a practice are potential in Benin, and it is urgent to stop the danger. JCI initiated the project ???Our Diversity, my Pride??? in accordance with the recommendations of the XIV academy of the Africa leadership and Middle East that was held in Casablanca in Morocco in 2012. The American Mission in Benin accepted to sponsor this activity because of the noble ideal which underlie it, that is to mean promote the inter - ethnic mixture and sensitize the populations on the advantages of cultural diversity. This explanation given by Eustache GNIMAVO is sustained by the President of JCI-Cotonou, Gildas O. SEHLIN who also appealed for union and unity. In his opening speech, Mr. Douglas E. Johnston, Director of the American Cultural Center said this: ???Diversity must not be a factor of division, but it must rather favour the quality of the attempts of solution to the various problems of the nation??? Liberty is sacred??? It remains a very sensitive element, that when it is not put to the service of development, can topple very easily and become a factor of destruction. The project ???Our Diversity, my pride??? arrives at the right time because it has for mission to contribute to the promotion of cohesion and unityamong the peoples of same country, and same region ???. Speaking in the same direction, the Mediator of the Republic declared that regionalism appears in a slight way in Benin and that it is urgent to take actions in order to stop the danger. According to him, it is imperative to build a long- lasting peace in Africa, mutual understanding, and dialogue among the different ethnic groups in order to prevent them from fighting against each other. No one will be stranded in this noble enterprise, because when the conflicts eventually occur, they are supported by the politicians and their selfish interests. Inspired by the motto of JCI, particularly the last two verses, the man took advantage of this tribune to announce his retirement from the politics and his new field of battle officially. A look has been also taken at his new work entitled ???Par-del??toutefronti??re???, which is a message that he sends out again on the occasion of the award of the universal citizenship Passport that he received. In a brief improvisation, the President of the union of the Professionals of the Media of Benin, himself as member of JCI, affirmed with strength and conviction that if diversity didn???t constitute a powerful weapon, President Barack Obama would never have been elected President of the biggest power-nation in the world. He invited his colleagues journalists therefore to actively to act for inter - ethnic mixture, and made a precision on the interest of UPMB to collaborate with JCI Cotonou in the framework of the ???Contest of the diversity ???, a contest opened for the professionals of the media.
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