News — June 25, 2013

JCI Antigua celebrates 53 Years

JCI Antigua celebrates 53 Years
JCI Antigua celebrates 53 Years JCI Antigua has just concluded its annual week of activities celebrating the milestone of 53 years under the theme ???53 Years of Service to the Community???. During the period marking the occasion, JCI members were engaged in Church Service, Media Appearances, JCI Impact Training, Games Night, JCI Antigua Re-launch of Cancer Awareness Campaign and Social gatherings. This year???s Church Service was held at St. Andrew???s Anglican Church. ???Media appearances were made by JCI Antigua assigned International Vice President Joanne Rinaldo, 53rd JCI Antigua President Reina Mason and JCI Antigua Vice President Jonel Williams on Good Morning Antigua & Barbuda, and JCI Antigua Vice President Malicia James on OBSERVER Radio. The JCI Impact Training was conducted by JCI Antigua assigned International Vice President Joanne Rinaldo. This was Ms.Joanne Rinaldo first official visit to JCI Antigua within her one year tenure as International Vice President 2012-2013. The JCI Impact Training session reinforced to members the ???power of one??? to change the world. Participants were encouraged to ask yourself ???What are some of the challenges your community faces? Who is doing something about these challenges? What are you doing about these challenges? If you had an opportunity to solve these problems would you be willing to do something? Ms.Rinaldo stated this is what JCI provides development opportunities that empower you to create positive change. A Games Night at El Taco Loco and Evening Social at Copper and Lumber were social activities JCI members took part in. The week culminated with ???morning walk??? throughout the City of St.John???s to re-launch the ???Cancer Awareness Campaign???, entitled a ???Ray of Hope??? which was originally started in 2009. The walk commenced at the Multi-purpose Center and ended at the Lion???s Den. The programme at the Lion???s Den included dance performances, testimonials and the release of Ballons as the official re-launch of the Cancer Awareness Campaign. This project is expected to be conducted in seven (7) phases. This year???s week of activities was held from May 19th to May 26th,2013. ???JCI Antigua expresses sincere gratitude to all sponsors and partners who helped to make the celebration possible and gave their support.???
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