News — September 08, 2013

Take Action in the Fight Against Malaria with the 2013 Countdown to Congress

With the 2013 JCI World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil fast approaching, it’s time for JCI National Organizations to expand their efforts to send nets and save lives. 

Starting Wednesday September 4, the JCI Nothing But Nets Countdown to Congress is back! This is our chance as a unified global organization to make a lasting difference in the lives of many people in need throughout Africa. 

Invest in Countdown to Congress
Every year, JCI challenges each JCI National Organization to raise one net per member before the JCI World Congress. This year, contributions made to the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign from September 4 to 13:00 GMT on November 4 will be counted for this annual contest. 2013 JCI President Chiara Milani and a special guest from the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign will recognize the JCI National Organizations that meet this goal during the one of the JCI Morning Shows in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Make a personal donation, organize a fundraising event with your Local or National Organization, or encourage your friends, family, fellow JCI members and community supporters to increase their commitment to fighting malaria. Be sure to make your donations through Crowdrise under your JCI National Organization’s team. This is a great time to host a fundraiser or an awareness forum focused on malaria to increase the buzz about this deadly disease in your community. Even though the challenge is for one net per member, more donations means more lives saved. Every dollar counts toward our 2013 JCI organization-wide goal of raising US $600,000 for the fight against malaria. 

Experience Your Impact in Action across Africa
Donations made during this time will count toward your National Organization’s year total for 2013. Just like in 2012, the 2013 Nothing But Nets Trip Contest is still underway. The top three National Organizations who raise the most money, along with the top individual fundraiser, in 2013 will have the unique and exciting opportunity to participate in an observation and distribution trip to Africa with JCI and Nothing But Nets next year. This opportunity celebrates JCI’s commitment to the campaign and allows these top fundraisers to send one representative from their National Organization to experience their impact in the fight against malaria firsthand. Encourage your fellow members and your community to increase your fundraising from now to the end of the year by participating in the Countdown to Congress initiative as well as increasing your chances to the be one of the top three National Organization participants on the distribution trip next year. This is a once in a lifetime experience to see your impact in action in the lives of African families who need it most.

Malaria Kills—Act Now
Remember, a child dies of malaria every 60 seconds, but it only takes US $10 to send a net and save a life. Forty percent of our world’s population lives in malaria endemic countries and its treatment consumes nearly 40 percent of these countries’ public health resources. Over the next two months, save those children and their families from this preventable disease by participating in the 2013 Countdown to Congress. Keep your fundraising totals high so you have a better chance to participate in the JCI and Nothing But Nets observation and distribution trip in 2014. You and your fellow active citizens have the power to make the life-saving difference for millions across Africa. 

Refresh your knowledge about JCI Nothing But Nets and how the campaign saves lives everyday.

Donate now on Crowdrise and boost your National Organization’s chance to win the Countdown to Congress award. 

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