News — October 15, 2013

DSG Arrey Obenson - Become Active Citizens

Become Active Citizens
Deputy Secretary General of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) World, Arrey Obenson is of the firm belief that in times of recession, the only way forward comes down to being an active citizen. In an interview with the Barbados Advocate, he explained that it is not enough to complain about the issues plaguing a country, nor wait for the Government and corporate businesses to take action, rather it is important that those affected tackle the issues themselves. ???At the end of the day, the people who are affected most by all of this, when Government doesn???t act, when businesses only operate because of profit, are the people,??? he noted. Obenson continued: ???And the people, is each one of us ??? rich poor, middle class or upper middle class, young, old ??? we are all affected, but more importantly, the people who are affected most, if you look at the population structure, are the young people.??? According to Obenson, the reason, that the young people are mostly affected is because in an economic recession, there will be a lot more youths struggling to enter into the workforce with no real opportunities, and in the long run all of this will affect everyone within the country. Citing that for those who may see the economical challenges as ???someone else???s problem???, he noted that at the end of the day, the more you stayed out of the workforce with no experience, the more difficult it is for you to ever get into the workforce, and that is why more youths should join youth organisations like JCI, as they teach the necessary skills that one would require whether or not one is in the workforce. Stating that being an active citizen gives one the opportunity to not only interact, but also learn how to problem solve, he explained that it also dramatically changes the way one approaches life in general. ???If we could mobilise and get more people to think differently, I think we can solve the greatest challenges that we face in Barbados and around the world. So if you ask me, this is the time when people should join an organisation like this, when there is an economic recession,??? he stated, noting that it is the power of young people who want to be a part of something that will actually push the country towards progression.
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