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Unite to Impact for A Better World

2014 JCI President Shine Bhaskaran extends JCI members his sincere gratitude for their dedication to active citizenship through JCI and looks forward to an exciting year of creating sustainable impact worldwide. 

By 2014 JCI President Shine Bhaskaran 


Dear JCI members,


I would first like to wish you all a happy new year and hope that your holidays were filled with joy. I have the exciting responsibility this year not only as a member of this organization, but also as a leader to unite young active citizens around the world as we focus on impact. Starting my JCI career in 1999 serving in multiple leadership roles and moving on to serve JCI at the international level in 2011, I am honored and excited to take on this new, dynamic role. 


2014 is a very important year for our organization. JCI will embark on an ambitious journey taking action to create sustainable impact locally and globally. Our rich history allows us to fondly remember the past and look forward to a bright future filled with an even greater capacity to change the world. 2014 marks the beginning of a shift of focus where traditional solutions are no longer sufficient. We recognize that the challenges of today require young people to engage in their communities for the greater good. To achieve this goal of creating a better world and start on a strong path to be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact, there are five key strategies I encourage each JCI Local and National Organization to focus on in the upcoming year. 



Creating sustainable impact in 2014 is important because it leads to a world where human security is a reality for all global citizens. Human security is the protection of an individual's human rights while ensuring social, economic and environmental opportunity, development and well being for every individual and their communities. As active citizens, JCI Local and National Organization can align their actions to this strategy by running JCI Active Citizen Framework projects, under the community development stages of Health and Wellness, Education and Economic Empowerment and Sustainability and reporting these projects to JCI. Further, we can extend our support by participating in JCI Impact Months and also involving our efforts in campaigns like JCI Operation Hope and JCI Nothing But Nets



Fostering motivation in 2014 is very significant because tackling the challenges of today requires empowered, passionate global citizens to take action. To motivate you must communicate, so share your story of impact with others. Exchanging best practices through skill development courses, at JCI Events or even through local tools and resources created in your own organizations are all great ways to align your actions as JCI members to this strategy. 



Investment is essential in 2014 because active citizens are responsible for sustaining progress to advance our mutual goals. JCI Local and National Organizations can align their actions to this strategy by utilizing a financial expert when planning their budget. I also encourage fellow JCI members and Senators to support the JCI Foundation, sustaining the development projects and initiatives conducted with the help of these funds. 



Collaboration is crucial in 2014 because it unites like-minded active citizens to expand our ability to create sustainable solutions. Increase collaboration by finding a local partner with shared goals or posting your project in the JCI Project Gallery to share your story of impact with fellow members worldwide. I also encourage each member to collaborate with our new partner the UN Millennium Campaign to share their voice in the MYWorld global survey and increase our participation in the development of the post 2015 global agenda. Our commitment to the Millennium Development Goals remains extremely important and as we create change in our communities, we must think of how this change is sustainable for the future. Collaboration in 2014 should also be exercised through the gathering of historical information and planning for the 100-year anniversary celebration of the JCI movement in 2015. The celebration of this milestone for our organization allows us to showcase our rich history and exciting future to other organizations as we unite all sectors of society to expand our impact. 



Connection is important in 2014 because sharing ideas and actions will result in a global movement that creates positive change. Something that connects all JCI members, partners and friends is the JCI Active Citizen Framework. I will work to see that all National Organizations have the tools and resources necessary to conduct impactful projects using the Framework in their communities. Creating new communication tools and resources in 2014 at the local, national and international level will also help grow our global JCI movement. Idea and information sharing is crucial and I ask each and every one of you to think of ways to increase the connection internally and externally within your Local and National Organizations. 


Unite to Impact in 2014

JCI members remain united by their commitment to the JCI Mission, Vision and Values and their passion for positive change. With the long-term goal to be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact, our other main commitment that unites us is impact. Whether it is on a local, national or global level, sustainable impact is the result of shared ownership of challenges and solutions by all community members. By Uniting to Impact, working together and sharing best practices, we can amplify the sustainability and impact of our projects, increase the reach of our programs and raise the visibility of our organization, all while helping create a better world.


I encourage all JCI members to attend National Conventions, 2014 JCI Area Conferences, the 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit and the 2014 JCI World Congress in Leipzig, Germany to develop new relationships and build on existing friendships. These events also provide an important venue for members to showcase their activities and projects. These shared ideas and new collaborative partnerships inspire others to create similar solutions to common problems in their own communities. 


As 2014 begins, I ask you not only to focus on the year ahead but also to look at the bigger picture. 2014 marks a year of change, a year of impact and the first year of our five-year strategic plan. It is our responsibility to start with a positive attitude, a passion for change and a shift in our mindset from numbers to impact. Our goal to be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact cannot be accomplished in one year. However, I encourage you to align all of your actions to these five strategies to ensure that we are on a strong path to reach this long-term goal. 


As 2014 JCI President, I look forward to all the fun, excitement and hard work in the upcoming months. I extend my sincere gratitude to you and your commitment, service, leadership and passion for JCI.


Unite to Impact! 




Shine Bhaskaran

2014 JCI President

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