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2014 JCI Board of Directors Prepares for a Year of Impact

At the 2014 January Board Meeting, JCI’s newly elected international leaders from all over the world met for a week of knowledge sharing, workshops, meetings and planning for an exciting year. 

From January 6 to 12 in St. Louis, USA, the JCI World Headquarters hosted the 2014 January Board Meeting. Every year, the members of the JCI Board of Directors gather in January to establish goals and action steps while gaining renewed motivation for a successful upcoming year. 


Unite to Impact

2014 JCI President Shine Bhaskaran enthusiastically welcomed the Board of Directors to the birthplace of JCI. During the first day in St. Louis, they shared best practices and started setting their goals for the year by Area. In the evening, they took time to see some of St. Louis’s iconic landmarks like the Anheuser Busch Brewery and the historic Soulard neighborhood. 


The next morning, the Board paid a visit to the grave of JCI Founder Henry Giessenbier Jr. and President Bhaskaran shared inspiring words. Despite the snow-covered ground, the Board enjoyed their visit and left with renewed motivation to embrace our successful past as we plan for the future. 


“I encourage each and every one of you cherish our past as we look forward to a bright future focused on impact. 2014 starts an ambitious journey and I know I can count on this strong Board of Directors to be exemplary leaders and Unite to Impact our communities and our world,” President Bhaskaran said. 


The meeting continued with a special visit from the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign Director Chris Helfrich and Partnership Associate Carolyn Commons to introduce new programs for JCI Nothing But Nets in 2014. Stay tuned for more information about new recognition opportunities regarding fundraising efforts and projects to combat malaria as well as the new format for the 2014 JCI Nothing But Nets Trip Contest. 


The Board was introduced to the newly completed Impact Strategy, which leverages the JCI Active Citizen Framework to increase the impact JCI is making around the world. This strategy supports JCI’s long-term strategic goal related to impact, “JCI will enable communities to achieve sustainable impact.” Learn more about this strategy and related tools at upcoming National Presidents meetings in order to learn how you can start taking action to advance the 2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan. 


During their year as leaders, Board members will speak to a variety of audiences including JCI members, potential members, partners, government officials and corporate citizens, so professional trainer and JCI friend, Julie Procter from Dale Carnegie Training, worked with the Board members to expand and enhance their presentation skills, and Immediate Past President Chiara Milani used her experience as a journalist and her worldwide travels as 2013 JCI President to teach a media seminar focused on communication skills and the JCI message. The Board members concluded the training days feeling knowledgeable and inspired for their year ahead as they Unite to Impact for a better world.  


Plan Your Year of Impact 

At the 2014 JCI Board of Directors Meeting, one of the main topics discussed was 2014 JCI Events. It will be during these events that JCI members receive tools and knowledge to help them advance the JCI Mission in their local communities. After a brief report regarding the success of the 2013 JCI World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the 2014 JCI Board of Directors received an overview of this year’s events. 


Start making your travel plans with these important dates. 

  • 2014 JCI Conference of the Americas in Medellín, Colombia, April 23-26 
  • 2014 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference in Lomé, Togo, May 21-24
  • 2014 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Yamagata, Japan June 4-7 
  • 2014 JCI European Conference in Valetta, Malta June 11-14
  • 2014 JCI Academy in Handa, Japan July 7-11
  • 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit in New York City, USA July 23-25
  • 2014 JCI World Congress in Leipzig, Germany November 24-29

Other official business reported included the JCI World Headquarters report, a report about our existing and potential international partnerships, the JCI Nothing But Nets report and an update on JCI Operation Hope. 


The Impact Journey Begins

The attendees of the 2014 January Board Meeting headed back to their home countries and ventured to National Organization visits after a motivating week. Ready to take action on a local, national and global level as the leaders of the organization, each JCI Vice President and JCI Executive Vice President committed to President Bhaskaran’s call to Unite to Impact for a better world. To be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact, every JCI member must focus on taking action for impact through the JCI Active Citizen Framework and collaboration with community partners. He concluded the meeting by thanking everyone for their hard work and dedication to JCI through all challenges and opportunities they will encounter this year.  


“As we embark on our upcoming year, we must remember that 2014 is very important. This year, under the guidance of the 2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan, we shift our focus from numbers to impact,” said President Bhaskaran. “My wish is for all of us to Unite to Impact in 2014.” 


President Bhaskaran will now start his travels to JCI National and Local Organizations across the globe. To see if he will be visiting your country soon and follow his adventures, follow President Shine Bhaskaran’s Facebook page


Plan now to attend the 2014 JCI Area Conferences, the 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit and the 2014 JCI World Congress. 


Watch the 2014 JCI Board of Directors Meeting in the JCI live stream video archive

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