News — February 18, 2014

Introducing the JCI Special Recognition Program

Aimed at motivating JCI members toward creating positive change, the JCI Special Recognition Program highlights best practices.

What is the JCI Special Recognition Program? 

The newest JCI Program showcases the incredible work of JCI members in communities across the world by recognizing individual impact projects aligned to the JCI Active Citizen Framework process, as well as recognizing JCI Local Organizations that enable their communities to achieve sustainable impact. The program will offer two types of recognition: Impact Project Recognition and JCI Local Organization Spotlight Recognition. Impact Projects will be recognized as projects that are aligned to the JCI Active Citizen Framework. Impactful Local Organizations, through the Local Organization Spotlight Recognition, will be highlighted for the work they do to achieve the JCI Mission and create sustainable impact in their community. 


Sharing Your Story of Impact

The JCI Special Recognition Program provides a new way to share best practices and foster an environment where JCI members are motivated to create positive change. Motivation is important to achieving the JCI Mission because tackling the challenges of today requires empowered, passionate global citizens ready to take action. Sharing your story of impact and examples of action-oriented, sustainable solutions not only motivates other citizens around the world, but also provides a foundation for fellow members to use your ideas in their own communities. Highlighting great stories of impact through this program increases our ability to learn from each other’s efforts and endeavors to build a better world together. 


Impact Project Recognition Starts Now

The Impact Project portion of the Special Recognition program provides an opportunity for you to receive recognition for your most impactful projects conducted this year. Submissions will follow the same timeline as the previous JCI Impact Month campaign, in the months of March, June and September. However, submissions to the Project Gallery during the two months prior and during the JCI Impact Month will be eligible for evaluation. 


Impact Project evaluation will be conducted by members of the Special Recognition Committee appointed by 2014 JCI President Shine Bhaskaran. Up to three projects from Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas and Europe will be recognized at the end of each Impact Month. The recognized projects will receive a digital letter and certificate signed by President Bhaskaran. Up to 12 recognized projects will be revealed in the News section of the JCI website and on JCI social media networks. 


How to Submit your Impact Project

Submit your project to the JCI Project Gallery on the JCI website. Be sure it meets these specific criteria: 

  1. This project was conducted through the JCI Active Citizen Framework and focuses on the corresponding stages of community development. 
    1. March: Health and Wellness
    2. June: Education and Economic Empowerment 
    3. September: Sustainability
  2. This project received local media coverage in print, radio and/or television. 
  3. This project must also have visual accompaniments (photos, videos, promotional materials, results of media coverage, etc.)

Submit your Impact Projects that focus on Health and Wellness to the JCI Project Gallery today! Submissions will be evaluated and results will be released before the next Impact Month. 


Stay tuned for more information about how to submit your JCI Local Organization for the Local Organization Spotlight portion of the Special Recognition Program. Recognition criteria and how to submit your impactful JCI Local Organization will be available soon. 


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Watch these videos to learn more about the JCI Active Citizen Framework and the three stages of community development

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