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JCI Travel Guide: 2014 JCI Area Conferences

Collaborate, connect and unite to impact with your fellow JCI members, partners and friends at the upcoming JCI Area Conferences.  

As you start to finalize your plans for this May and June at the 2014 JCI Area Conferences, be sure to maximize your international event experience. Take advantage of everything the host cities have to offer, including impressive sights, diverse cultures, rich history, food and music. Prepare yourself for new adventures as you explore an exciting city, share best practices with your fellow JCI friends and learn new, effective ways to create sustainable impact. 2014 marks an important for JCI as we move in a new strategic direction. We Unite to Impact for better communities and a better world, and there is no better way to do that than to come together and exchange ideas at JCI Area Conferences.  


JCI Conference of the Americas

April 23-26, 2014 Medellín, Colombia

Join fellow JCI members in Colombia, a diverse country known for its geography, unique culture and rich history. Colombia has been recognized as one of the emerging countries in our world, due to the size of its economy, its population and territory, strategic location and its natural wealth. Furthermore, because of its tropical, equatorial and Andean conditions, Colombia offers a wide variety of ecosystems to explore. Colombian geography is divided into five sections: the rainforest and beaches of the Caribbean, the mountainous terrain of the Andes, the cliffs and islands along the Pacific Coast, the savannas and forests of the Orinoquia and the luscious Amazon jungle. After discussing your exciting ideas for celebrating JCI’s 100th Anniversary, leave the meeting room and explore the breathtaking terrain of Colombia.

Medellín, host city of the Conference, is the second largest city in Colombia with a population of 2.4 million. Founded in 1616, it was first known for exporting gold then producing and exporting coffee. By the 21st century, the city constructed the Medellín Metro commuter rail—making it a more industrial hub—and also focused on improving security and its education systems. Not only host to the JCI Conference of the Americas, the UN has chosen Medellín to host the UN-Habitat’s 7th World Urban Forum just a few weeks before the Conference. While creating impact in the local community, Conference delegates should also take time to enjoy the city’s universities, music, art, beautiful flower gardens, festivals and vibrant, growing nightlife.


JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference 

May 21-24 Lomé, Togo

The capital and largest city of Togo, Lomé welcomes delegates to this warm, oceanside metropolis. While taking a break from a forum or workshop focused on creating sustainable change, JCI members can enjoy the Lomé Grand Market, known for its local crops, crafts and live African music or the beautiful Lomé Cathedral. The Lomé landscape consists of reddish-colored earth, boulevards with large public squares, lush gardens and colorful houses. For some post-Conference pleasure, be sure to visit the beach to watch the local fisherman or the Togo National Museum, containing diverse collections of pottery, musical instruments, jewelry, weapons and other objects highlighting Togolese culture and history. 


Togo is a country situated in West Africa dependent on agriculture and its moderate, warm climate that provides fruitful growing seasons. French speaking and home to about 40 different ethnic groups, Togo is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Football is the most popular sport in Togo and citizens support their home team the Togolese Sparrow Hawks. Make the most out of your Conference experience by sharing best practices for impact at the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) project showcase and also spend some time after exploring this dynamic city. See you in Lomé! 


JCI Asia-Pacific Conference  

June 4-7 Yamagata, Japan 

Yamagata is the mountainous capital city of Yamagata Prefecture in the T??hoku region of Japan. The Yamagata Prefecture is composed of 13 different cities and is known for its hot and humid summers and snowy winters. Once you attend the JCI Morning Show, you’ll have enough energy to explore Yamagata’s historical Kajo Park, grounds of the castle of feudal warlord Mogami Yoshiaki. Interested visitors can explore the rebuilt walls, the eastern main gate and the surrounding moat of the former castle, while also roaming the athletic fields that now make up most of the park. 


If you like outdoor activities, take time to enjoy the fresh air after your motivating meetings on a leisurely boat excursion on the Mogami River. For the adventure-seeker, go paragliding, camping or hiking in the city’s surrounding mountains. Yamagata is known for its production of fruits, especially cherries and grapes as well as its home-farmed rice and locally brewed sake. During the Asia-Pacific Conference, the cherry trees will be in full bloom so enjoy a picnic in one of the nearby parks or participate in a traditional outdoor Japanese tea ceremony. The magnificent city of Yamagata awaits your arrival! 


JCI European Conference 

June 11-14 St. Julians, Malta 

Known as a vacation destination for its luxurious hotels, diverse restaurants and nightclubs, join your fellow JCI members in St. Julians, Malta. Situated along the coast, enjoy the fresh air while strolling on the beach, taking a swim in the Mediterranean Sea or book a diving excursion for after the Conference. After attending the JCI Active Citizen FrameWorkshop, see the historical Latin architecture of the Spinola Palace or the Old Parish Church. The renovated Paceville district is where delegates can find a myriad of vibrant and trendy restaurants, clubs and bars for good food and entertainment. 


Malta is a desired tourist destination with its warm climate, variety of recreational activities on land and water as well as its variety of historic sights to enjoy. It is home of nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, including seven Megalithic Temples, claimed as the oldest free standing structures on Earth. For sports fanatics, catch a football game at the Ta' Qali National Stadium or even enjoy one of Malta’s 1200 rock climbing routes for an adventurous excursion. From sunshine filled days to music and dancing-filled nights, St. Julians has something for everyone. Have knightly experience this year in Malta. 


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Plan ahead for the 2014 JCI World Congress in Leipzig, Germany, November 24-29. 

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