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Introducing the JCI Impact Strategy

JCI members work together worldwide enabling communities to achieve sustainable impact with the JCI Impact Strategy.

As JCI continues to exist in a changing world, it is important that our organization adapts and evolves with these changes. While the JCI Mission and Vision will stay constant, we must define new goals and strategies that will propel us into the future. JCI will be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact. To achieve this long-term goal and expand our impact, JCI must continue to engage and empower young people to enable their communities to achieve sustainable impact.

The JCI Impact Strategy outlines key steps that can be implemented to enable both communities where JCI does exist and those where we do not exist, in order to achieve sustainable impact. The Impact Strategy follows a needs-focused and community-based approach. By creating relevance in and engagement with the community, these JCI Local Organizations, existing and new, will build a foundation from which they can unite all sectors of society to achieve sustainable impact.

Five Step Action Plan to Expand our Impact

Whether you decide to target a community where JCI does not exist or where JCI does, the process to enable a community to achieve sustainable impact will look different in every community. However, there is a general process to follow that guides efforts and ensures that the JCI Local Organization is impactful and will last for future generations. These steps include:

  1. Identify the Community
    This step requires active citizens to analyze internally and externally to prepare them to address the greatest challenges facing the community identified.
  2. Connect with Community Stakeholders
    Meet with individuals from all sectors of society to identify young community leaders and start building relationships that will result in the creation of sustainable impact.
  3. Engage Young Community Leaders
    Young community leaders will be the foundation from which the organization is built and developed. These motivated leaders can bring a new energy that will engage and empower other young active citizens to join.
  4. Unite Active Citizens
    Encourage your young community leaders to go five for five, each bringing five active citizens to an inspirational and empowering event, which will inspire them to take local action with JCI to create sustainable impact.
  5. Build an Impactful Local Organization
    With strong, committed leaders and a passionate group of motivated members, you’re ready to strengthen the Local Organization both within the community and the Junior Chamber International Movement using the JCI Active Citizen Framework as a guide.

The JCI Impact Strategy was developed based on the best practices of JCI’s most sustainable and impactful Local Organizations around the world. What these organizations shared is a common foundation within the community so that the community would ensure its existence for future generations. The five steps outlined in the JCI Impact Strategy involve taking actions to build that community foundation.

By developing JCI Local Organizations that provide relevant, needs-based actions and solutions to community problems, JCI will not only attract those individuals directly assisted by the project, but also those interested in belonging to an organization known for creating sustainable impact.

Continue to engage the young people in your community by communicating your commitment to achieving sustainable impact through the JCI Active Citizen Framework. Your passion, action and results will keep your organization at the front of others’ minds and position JCI as the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.

Check out these tools to support you in your efforts to enable your community to achieve sustainable impact with the JCI Impact Strategy:

Download these resources today from the JCI Library.

JCI Impact Strategy Overview

JCI Impact Strategy Infographic
JCI Impact Strategy Presentation

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