News — April 22, 2014

2014 JCI Area Conferences: Uniting to Impact the World

With the Area Conferences quickly approaching, get ready to connect with members, partners and friends in your region to share best practices and collaborate on a local level to create global change. 

Young active citizens around the world are preparing to unite with their fellow members, community stakeholders and partners to reignite their passion for the JCI Mission. JCI and the Area Conference Organizing Committees have been working hard throughout the past year to ensure each Conference will be an enjoyable experience for every delegate and make an impact in every host community. As you prepare your travel plans and look ahead to your upcoming Conference, be sure to attend these exciting workshops, forums and seminars to make the most out of your Conference experience. 


JCI Morning Show
Start your day the right way with the JCI Morning Show! The JCI Morning Show is an exciting staple at all JCI Area Conferences and World Congresses. Get energized, motivated and become familiar with the reasons why we gather at this international event. Hear from a special guest speaker from the host city local community, learn more about the upcoming 100-year anniversary celebration of JCI and explore the most effective ways you can create lasting impact for a better world. 

JCI Active Citizen FrameWorkshop
Experience the JCI Active Citizen Framework in action as you engage with local community stakeholders from all sectors of society to learn about the challenges in the host community. Join interactive discussions and collaborative brainstorming sessions to formulate sustainable solutions addressing local needs. Take these skills back to your community create a new project to create lasting local impact. 

MDG Project Showcase
As the 2015 target deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaches, it is time to reflect on our achievements and determine our actions for the future. Attend the MDG Project Showcase to share experiences, learn from experts and collaborate to discuss your role in global development for a better world beyond 2015. 

JCI Impact Strategy Forum
Discover the future of JCI as outlined in the 2014–2018 JCI Strategic Plan and the strategy to enable communities to achieve sustainable impact. Learn concrete actions you can take to build sustainable and impactful JCI Local Organizations around the world, starting in your own community! Discover the JCI Impact Strategy to expand your ability to take local action for global impact.

JCI Skills Development Sessions
Aligned with our long-term goal to create sustainable impact, JCI members need the skills to work successfully in your community to conduct needs analyses, form sustainable solutions, involve partners and take action, all while running an efficient Local Organization. The JCI Skills Development Program features the JCI Official Courses, JCI Achieve, JCI Impact and JCI Admin, along with several more courses aimed at developing skills to help you create sustainable impact to best of your ability at the local level. Attend these courses at your Area Conference and enhance your skills and knowledge to create impact for a better world. 

Community Engagement Activity
Participate in this exciting day of interacting with the local community as you discover their current progress toward the MDGs, while looking ahead to the priorities for the next global development agenda. Share your JCI best practices and help local citizens and partners create new ideas for positive change. Connect with engaged citizens from all sectors of society to gather more voices through the MY World survey and take concrete action to increase the local grassroots movement for impact. Learn more details about your Conference activity in Medellín, Lomé, Yamagata and St. Julian’s by visiting the Conference website. Dress casual and get ready to have an impactful day to conclude an unforgettable Conference. 

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