News — August 11, 2014

2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit Connects All Sectors of Society

From July 23 to 25, more than 400 JCI members, partners and friends united in New York City, USA focused on the role of partnerships in creating sustainable impact as we move forward into a new global development era.

The 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit focused on the importance of partnerships and how collaboration between all sectors of society can lead to sustainable impact. Summit delegates, JCI partners and experts gathered in New York City, USA to discuss the current progress of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in relation to the three stages of community development, Health and Wellness, Education and Economic Empowerment and Sustainability, as outlined by the JCI Active Citizen Framework. Dynamic discussions led to new ideas, new partnerships and new ways to take action to advance these goals as the 2015 target deadline approaches. Participants emphasized JCI’s active role in the creation of the post 2015 global development process. With nearly 200,000 young people around the world, JCI members remain committed to sharing the youth voice and their priorities as the next global development era approaches. Held at the United Nations Headquarters and the historic Roosevelt Hotel, this year’s Summit inspired delegates to return to their homes with a renewed sense of responsibility and ignited passion for the prosperity of their communities and their world. Engaging and sharing thoughts, tools and resources from every sector of society allows JCI members and other likeminded young people to expand their minds, discuss new goals for change and focus on taking action for a better world. 

The Roadmap to Changing the World
Delegates started the Summit with an inspiring panel featuring JCI Ambassadors, partners and experts representing the three stages of community development, Health and Wellness, Education and Economic Empowerment and Sustainability. Notable panel guests included Unit Chief for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Dr. Carlos Santos-Burgoa, UN Foundation Global Health Officer Elizabeth Ivanovich, Global Growth Institute Founding Partner Wayne Clarke, World Chambers Federation Vice Chairman Mick Fleming and UN Global Compact Advisor Fred Dubee. Delegates took the opportunity to discuss ways to advance their communities according to these three stages after hearing recommendations and best practices from the panelists.

JCI also welcomed Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation Chelsea Clinton to the JCI Global Partnership Summit for the first time. Clinton shared success stories of impact through the Clinton Foundation’s collaboration with the business sector. She also thanked JCI members for their commitment to service. “Public service is a critical part of getting to the world that we all want to live in,” Clinton said. The first day’s programming culminated in an invigorating Chairperson’s reception complete with fine dining, toasts and impressive entertainment. Delegates celebrated and looked forward to the next two days of learning and impact at the Summit.

Collaborating for a Better World
Opening with the JCI Morning Show: New York Edition, delegates heard from four passionate guest speakers and even helped with a JCI trivia round highlighting our almost 100 year history and the upcoming JCI 100th Anniversary: Celebrating 100 Years of Impact. Each Morning Show guest shared a story of impact, while also encouraging JCI members to focus on partnerships with likeminded organizations. Shared values and a shared mission for change are important for a successful, sustainable partnership. Energy remained high and delegates then split into three different breakout sessions featuring a discussion on the UN’s focus on youth engagement, an interactive look at the MY World 2015 survey and its current data and a collaborative session focused on the impact partnerships can create at the local level.

Later that afternoon, more than 60 delegates and special Summit guests participated in the first-ever JCI Interactive Poverty Simulation conducted with international participants. This Simulation provided a glimpse into the day-to-day realities of life in poverty. Each participant was assigned a role in a low-income family and was challenged to fulfill their role, going to school or work and caring for their family and themselves, on limited resources. Learning firsthand that one person living in poverty is one person without human dignity, participants committed to take action to break the cycle of poverty back home in their communities.

Thursday concluded with the Disco Deck: JCI Summit Boat Cruise co-sponsored by US Fund for UNICEF around the Manhattan Harbor. Delegates and partners enjoyed breathtaking views of the New York City skyline, including the new World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. Appetizers and drinks were served as a DJ played music for everyone to dance to. It was a fantastic opportunity for delegates to interact with fellow members, partners and new friends on a more casual level, discussing opportunities for future collaboration amidst the stunning backdrop of the Big Apple.

A Resolution for Progress at the UN
The final day of the Summit gathered delegates in the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the UN Headquarters. Beginning with an MDG project showcase around the room, Summit attendees had the chance to see inspiring, impactful projects from all four Areas, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe, further motivating members to keep their efforts strong in advancing the MDGs in their communities. These stories of success encouraged delegates to continue to focus on the root cause of their local challenges and form new partnerships to take action and expand their local impact.

Summit delegates welcomed Assistant and Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General Kim Won Soo to address the Summit delegates on behalf of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “Many say youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon believes that youth are the leaders of today,” Soo said. UN Millennium Campaign Director Corinne Woods also joined delegates for her second Summit appearance, motivating them to stand up and state new MY World survey commitment numbers from their communities and countries. Another dynamic partner and JCI supporter, UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets Director Chris Helfrich, talked about the future between JCI and the UN Foundation, not only highlighting our outstanding efforts in the fight against malaria but also sharing a new focus on global advocacy to increase our collaboration over the next few years. The final keynote speaker of the day, Office of the President of the General Assembly Advisor on Gender Issues Marie-Elena John, offered insight and personal examples of her quest for gender equality through both action and policy change, calling on the youth of today to overcome gender stereotypes and stand up for equal rights.

To conclude the Summit, 2014 Summit Chairperson Ryusei Hashimoto, joined by JCI President Shine Bhaskaran, JCI Deputy Secretary General Arrey Obenson and the 2014 UN Affairs Commissioners, presented the 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution. Through exchanging best practices and engaging experts in exploring innovative solutions at this year’s Summit, delegates and JCI partners now seek to reaffirm the organization’s commitment to collaboration, engagement and sustainable development. The creation of the Summit resolution presents the opportunity for JCI to appeal to partners at all levels, stakeholders from all sectors of society and active citizens from all corners of the world to take action, and respond to injustice and conflict in a constructive, positive and peaceful manner. 

The Summit Resolution expresses three commitments for JCI members around the world:

  1. Facilitate the creation and distribution of a report at the 2015 JCI Global Partnership Summit to partners, members and communities showcasing the success of 100 projects conducted by JCI National and Local Organizations to advance the MDGs. 
  2. Reaffirm our commitment from the 2013 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution to complete 10,000 MY World surveys by September 2015, and further expand our commitment by significantly increasing the number of JCI MY World forums and surveys conducted in local communities lending a voice to people around the world in shaping the post 2015 development agenda. 
  3. Hold a workshop at the 2014 JCI World Congress in Leipzig, Germany to outline strategies for engaging and collaborating with governments, businesses and the civil society to work together toward universal peace, and also encourage Local and National Organizations to conduct similar workshops in their communities.

JCI members can start implementing these commitments now, preparing our organization and our communities for the next phase of global development. 

Followed by a closing reception co-hosted by the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, attendees said their goodbyes and made plans to attend next year’s Summit while enjoying motivating words of wisdom for two Nothing But Nets champions, New York Fashion Designer Alexandra Taylor and philanthropic teenager, Naomi Kodama. 

Start thinking about how you can encourage as many of your friends and fellow active citizens to share their voice in the post 2015 global development agenda by taking the MY World 2015 global survey. Use these tools to host a JCI MY World Forum in your community.

Read the full 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution.

Share your photos and memories from the Summit on the JCI Facebook page.

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