News — February 09, 2015

JCI Vision of Peace

Recent events and ongoing acts of terrorism worldwide demonstrate that now—more than ever—is the time for JCI members and active citizens to lead the movement toward peace.

One century ago JCI founder Henry Giessenbier had a vision of peace. “From within the walls of the soul of this organization, I hope a message will come forth that will stir the people toward the establishment of a permanent and everlasting world peace.”
For an organization founded on a vision of the establishment of permanent and everlasting peace, acts of terror serve as an unsettling reminder of how relevant JCI and other like-minded organizations continue to be in today’s society.  
These acts of terrorism continue to affect innocent people all around the world and the solution to eliminate these violent crimes starts with the voices of citizens like us. 
The peace that Giessenbier spoke of one hundred years ago is a peace that is still possible today. This peace will only come from collaboration and dialogue amongst citizens around the world. It is crucial for society to strive for peace and prosperity even during this time of global crisis. 
JCI members understand that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; all global citizens share their humanity. This shared foundation must unite us as the human race. 
As the leaders of the future, we must take the opportunity to focus on what unites us to encourage dialogue, understanding and cooperation. We will only start to see a change toward sustained peace and prosperity with increased dialogue, understanding and cooperation across nations, religions and philosophies. That change will start with the voices of young people. 
JCI members and young active citizens across the world must engage in conversations of shared humanity and peace at the grassroots level, accepting the role and responsibility of young people in starting the global movement toward creating peaceful solutions to global challenges. 
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