News — March 19, 2015

City Mines Recruitment.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) City Mines first Recruitment Seminer
City Mines recruitment event was based on two major Trainings. Introduction to JCI and Opportunity to Impact by JCI Ghana Head Trainers and Past Presidents Godfred Annan and Awortwe Arthur. Objective of this training was let the young aged between the JCI age have opportunity to make a change in the community. Trainings went well and saw a lot of questions from the audience most especially those whose\\\' first time of hearing JCI. The motivation was high, after the Second Training given New Members opportunity to join JCI to make impact in the community. This program was one of its kind given opportunity to Deaf and Dumb with an interpreter making them feel at home. They really enjoyed it. Present at this program was the Municipal Youth Cordinator and some youth organizations who were poised to know what JCI is all about. We can proudly say at the end 21new potential members were registered and are on probation for provisional and full affiliation as time goes on. The 2015 board of Directors took this opportunity to have our first board meeting after the end of the event.
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