News — March 23, 2016

1st GMM of JCI Dhaka South

1st GMM of JCI Dhaka South & Approved Plan of Action 2016 and Budget
1st GMM of JCI Dhaka South has been held on 23rd January, 2016. JCI Dhaka South President Mr. Tanvir Aman conducted the GMM. Secretary General Mr. Mashiur Rahman, Treasurer Mr. Badruzzaman Talukder with JCI Dhaka South Members were present in the GMM. In the first GMM local plan of Action for the year 2016 and Budget were presented to the members. The President of JCI Dhaka South Mr. Tanvir Aman said, ???In our country we need to encourage young generation for work. To develop the country we must awake the young generation. We will try to take every necessary step for this work. At the same time we will work for development society.???
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