News — April 21, 2016

JCI Cochabamba Collaborates with the Chamber of Commerce to Foster Peace Among Children and Youth

Following the launch of the Peace is Possible campaign, JCI Cochabamba (Bolivia) looked at the community’s most pressing challenges and identified the need for mediation abilities and techniques among youth dealing with conflict.


After identifying this need, the members worked with the local Chamber of Commerce on their initiated “School Mediation Program” as a way to advance the culture of peace throughout the community and especially among local schoolchildren—directly tying the programs objectives to the Peace is Possible campaign. 


The initiative is targeted at children and youth between 6 and 15 years of age. This age range was selected after observing that individuals of this age often encounter situations that require conflict resolution. 


JCI Cochabamba members collaborated with the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Cochabamba by volunteering to support the program’s implementation. As the program moves forward, members of JCI Cochabamba will be professionally trained in the area of conciliation and mediation in order to offer more assistance to those in need. 


Once training is complete, members will collaborate with local schools in the community by conducting conflict resolution training workshops, using both theoretical and practical learning techniques. The youth will gain practice on how to peacefully solve problems by participating in interactive conflict resolution scenarios prepared by JCI Cochabamba members.


The program is expected to reach and impact 500 children and 100 adults in the first stage of implementation. Those impacted will include JCI Cochabamba members, school staff and students. 


Through the program, JCI Cochabamba hopes to create a culture of peace among the in schools across the community. 


The program is cultivating a culture of peace in schools across the community. By fostering a peaceful environment, JCI members are helping to mobilize peace among the future leaders of the community so that peace is possible for future generations. 


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