News — June 15, 2016

JCI Kanazawa Conference Unites Delegates to Develop Plans for the Advancement of the Global Goals

Over 400 delegates from 19 countries came together April 1–2 in Kanazawa, Japan for the Kanazawa Conference to discuss the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and JCI’s role in achieving all 17 goals. 


The conference provided the opportunity for delegates to acquire an in-depth look at the Global Goals in order to develop action plans to advance and implement the goals in their own communities.


Conversations were ignited by a variety of keynote speeches and forums delivered by professionals with expertise in sustainable development. 


The first of two keynote speeches focused on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and their importance to global development. Director of UNDP Representation Office in Tokyo Tetsu Kondo discussed the Global Goals and their immediate relevance as well as why it is crucial for global citizens to implement them. 


The CEO of the Institute for Sky Water Harvesting LTD. Makoto Murase led a second keynote concentrated on water and sanitation; a key focus of JCI members in Asia in 2016 as they committed to focus their actions on Global Goal 6 which ensures availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Attendees discussed the challenges to obtaining clean water and possible solutions to those challenges.  


UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Misako Konno joined Kondo during the Commemorative Forum hosted by JCI Kanazawa on the final day of the conference. The forum showcased the world that we live in today and covered how international cooperation can change the future of our world. Delegates explored ways in which citizens can take action in their daily lives as well as the importance of working in collaboration with others to create the most impact. 


Delegates felt empowered upon returning to their JCI National and Local Organizations to implement strategies to identify the relevant goals in their community and develop ways to take action to advance those goals. 


Overall, the Kanazawa Conference inspired JCI members to rise to meet the greatest challenges that face our world in order to contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world. 


If you’re interested in creating peace in your community, learn more about the Peace is Possible campaign and how you can take action to advance the Global Goals most relevant in your community.

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