News — July 21, 2016

JCI Philippines Embraces Peace During their 2016 JCI Week

JCI Philippines launched a series of peace projects last month during their 2016 JCI Week that took place April 10–16. Centered on the theme “Celebrating Brotherhood to Create Bigger Impact,” Local Organizations and members came together to foster peace and create positive change across the country. 


JCI San Fernando Sauyot organized a “Community Peace Forum” to encourage peaceful interactions in the community. During the forum, special guest speaker Lieutenant Colonel Ramon F. Laudencia spoke to attendees about living harmoniously in spite of cultural, religious and political differences. He also discussed the capacity of government to create sustainable peace as well as an individual’s responsibility in attaining peace. The forum was attended by 80 JCI members and non-members, which allowed the message to spread outside of the organization.  


JCI Valenzuela and FLC Originals hosted “Metro Area Brunch” during which JCI members took part in a discussion about the campaign and the global impact it is creating. Audience members were then asked to make their commitment to creating peace and begin taking action for a better future. 


JCI Daraga created the project “Peace Wall and Exhibit” to promote positive messages of peace in the community. The peace wall was initiated by 2016 JCI Philippines President Steve Allen Tycangco in order for active citizens to answer the question “How do you dream of peace?” More than 60 individuals attended the exhibit and signed the wall; these participants included JCI Philippines National Officers, Local Presidents and members. The wall has inspired members to work toward making their dreams a reality and peace possible for all. 


JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel hosted “Community Peace Forum Day” to mobilize peace among children. The event was attended by 70 children and included a day of music, games, reading and arts. They participated in various peace-oriented activities including the releasing of a dove and the forming of a human peace sign. A thoughtful message of peace was then shared with the children inspiring them to become peacemakers in their community and homes. The children were provided with peace kits that included art supplies and also participated in the Teach Peace and Build Peace Movement that facilitated peace through art and games. 


JCI Bai Lawanen initiated a variety of activities to create awareness and advocate for peace in the community. Members created Peace is Possible canvases for the JCI Week motorcade and also gave a video presentation to the community that educated them further about the campaign. Members created Peace is Possible info sheets to distribute throughout the community in order to share JCI’s vision of peace. They also hosted an “Inter-Religion Peace Forum” that encouraged peace and love between those of Muslim and Christian faiths. Through these different activities JCI Bai Lawanen was able to create an environment of mutual understanding and respect. 


The implementation of JCI Week in the Philippines has activated and inspired the community to take action for peace. 


To learn more about other projects, activities and events that took place during JCI Philippine’s JCI Week visit the JCI Philippines Facebook page


You can make your commitment to take action for peace today at


Share your commitment with your online network by adopting the campaign on social media by using #PeaceIsPossible and visiting


Whether it is through starting a new local project in your community, sharing JCI’s history and vision of peace or encouraging like-minded organizations to join the movement, it is our responsibility as young active citizens to encourage people around the world to join the conversation and take action for peace in their communities today. 


Begin to take action for peace by downloading the Peace is Possible campaign toolkit.

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