News — August 18, 2016

Nippon Foundation Grants JCI the Opportunity to Help End Leprosy Discrimination

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June 9, 2016, St. Louis, USA – The Nippon Foundation has granted JCI more than US $200,000 to help JCI National Organizations around the globe mobilize young active citizens to combat the discrimination faced by individuals affected by leprosy. 


The grant followed the Nippon Foundations 2016 Global Appeal, which was attended by JCI Japan and JCI National Presidents from JCI Brazil, JCI India, JCI Indonesia and JCI Nigeria in Tokyo in January. During this event, the JCI National Presidents were given the opportunity to learn more about leprosy and the actions being taken around the world to end the discrimination endured by those affected by leprosy. 


These target countries were chosen after the Nippon Foundation identified countries with high prevalence of leprosy and matched that to the countries that JCI has National Organizations in. Those countries were then invited to take part in the Nippon Foundation’s 2016 Global Appeal. 


Through this grant, these four-targeted JCI National Organizations will take action in their countries to help fight this discrimination. They will do this by connecting with like-minded organizations in local communities and running projects to bring awareness to this often forgotten and discriminated disease. These projects will include an awareness campaign, leprosy training for youth, a nation-wide media campaign and the creation of a documentary illustrating today’s effects of leprosy in rural areas. 


These projects will demonstrate the power of young active citizens to create positive change when they are empowered with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to create a significant impact on societal challenges. As young people are motivated to recognize the extreme discrimination and stigma that people affected by leprosy face, they are able to take actions nationwide to educate their peers, the general population and all sectors of society in order to establish a world that is accepting and compassionate toward people affected by leprosy. 

You can view what happened during the Nippon Foundations 2016 Global Appeal online


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About JCI: JCI is a worldwide membership-based nonprofit organization of 175,000 young active citizens ages 18 to 40 who are dedicated to creating positive change in their communities. Through projects in more than 5000 communities across nearly 120 countries, members seek targeted solutions to local problems, creating a global impact.



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