News — April 06, 2017

JCI Operation Hope Activated to Support Sustainable Rebuilding Efforts in Peru

Since 2005, JCI has been empowering members to take action in the face of natural disasters through JCI Operation Hope. These initiatives span the globe and work to sustain recovery efforts and rebuild those communities affected by tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Whether through contributions or targeted actions at the local level, JCI members unite in the face of devastation turning challenge into change. 


Brought on by a warming of the Pacific Ocean waters, also known as El Niño, treacherous rainfall has led to continued flooding and dangerous mudslides in Peru, causing a total of 108 provinces and 871 districts to declare a state of emergency according to the Instituto Nacional De Defensa Civil (INDECI). The destruction has killed more than 100 individuals, affected more than 950,000 and devastated much of the country’s infrastructure leaving citizens desperate for relief and support. 


In the wake of these events, JCI members have committed to supporting the immediate relief and national sustainable reconstruction through the activation of Operation Hope. With your support we can empower local citizens to take the lead in rebuilding their country. The healing of Peru and its citizens begins today with each one of us. We have the power to make a difference and help the communities that need it most. 


Learn more about this initiative and contribute today to support those in need.


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