News — April 28, 2017

Grassroots Innovation for Transformation: Turning Community Challenges into Change

In order to address youth unemployment and its effects on the socio-economic development of Sindhuli, Nepal, YUWA created the project Grassroots Innovation for Transformation (GIFT). GIFT envisions youth as change makers, where their economic innovations and entrepreneurship can transform their community by enabling them to create community change through skills development and functioning innovations. 


Through partners such as YSP and the Micro Enterprise Development Program (MEDP) YUWA has been able to advance the growth and development of local youth. Their workshops are supplying youth the platform to identify available local resources and enhance their skills through mentorship opportunities allowing them to solve local problems. In particular, Project GIFT is deeply investing in 35 youth from diverse, marginalized and rural backgrounds over the course of a year to empower them with entrepreneurial skills for launching their own projects and businesses. Participating youth have indicated a 20% increase in their ability to identify available local resources and pressing issues in their communities, leading to a better understanding of the change that needs to be made.


Most recently, Project GIFT launched a website platform designed specifically for youth that will allow them to develop their skills, pitch their business ideas and network with other young innovators. They have also recently selected three innovation ideas proposed by the youth, which involve business ideas of cattle rearing, vegetable farming and textile weaving. These business proposals will receive seed funding for the launch of their businesses. This opportunity has increased participant skills including leadership and problem solving. 


Learn more about YUWA and how they are addressing youth unemployment for a better tomorrow!


Visit to learn more about the Global Youth Empowerment Fund and how you can contribute funding. The application process is now closed for 2017, but follow the Global Youth Empowerment Fund on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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