News — June 04, 2002

Meet your JCI Officers?JCI Vice President Henry Loo Chin Moy

Let's meet JCI Vice President Henry Loo, assigned to Area A, pictured with his wife Therese and their two daughters. Henry Loo was born on March 10, 1968, in Rose Hill, Mauritius. With a degree in architecture, he is managing director of an architecture-interior design company as well as a construction company. Moreover, he is the director of a building signage company. He resides in Beau Bassin with his wife Therese and their two daughters. When he went back to Mauritius after six years of university studies, he had no friends and only knew his family and his work. He was looking for opportunities to meet people and help those in need, when he learned about Junior Chamber and joined in 1996.
Initially, he just wanted to be a member and work on projects, but then became interested in local and international training and became a coach. After holding several local positions, he served as president of his chapter in 1998, and then as national president in 2000. ?Junior Chamber helped uncover my potential,? he points out. At the international level, he served as Executive Assistant to the JCI President for Area A (Africa) (2001). He has attended three JCI Area Conferences and three JCI World Congresses, and he is a PRIME graduate (1998). During 2002 he is serving as JCI Vice President assigned to the national organization members (NOMs) of Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. How he benefited from Junior Chamber He credits Junior Chamber for his personal growth. ?At a personal level, I discovered my potential and learned how to develop it,? he affirms. He also feels that Junior Chamber has contributed to his business success. ?When I started, I had one company, and now I have three (one of them with a fellow Jaycee). And I am not planning to stop there,? he says. ?I have extensive contacts with members nationally and internationally. Whenever possible, I try to sponsor others in return? I am repaying what was given to me.? His advice to others To members aspiring to become JCI officers, he tells them to keep in mind that ?everything is possible; you just need to have the will and take action to turn your dreams into reality.? He recounts that he had a ?great dream? in 1998, at his first World Congress in Manila. ?I was then chapter president, very motivated but with no specific ambition in Junior Chamber,? he says. ?When I saw the professionalism of the JCI Officers, the Congress organization, and all the possibilities offered by internationalism, I had the dream that I too, someday, would be on the center stage, a candidate to serve the organization at the international level? I invested my time to pursue a ?career? in Junior Chamber? In 2002, I am truly living my dream?.?
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