News — April 03, 2002

The Last JBM Open Forum in Coral Gables

It was an emotional finale. JCI Secretary General Benny Ellerbe commended the professionalism, dignity and dedication of JCI staff during the difficult days since November 2001, when the Barcelona General Assembly voted to relocate the Headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri.
The Board expressed their thanks and appreciation to have had the opportunity to be part of this historic meeting. JCI Executive Vice President Kevin Cullinane from Ireland was especially eloquent and touched the hearts of many in the room: ?I feel very emotional that a unique miracle has happened this week. We came here as newly elected officers and are leaving today as friends. As we depart on our respective journeys, I hope the bond of friendships that we have shared will keep us going during whatever challenges we face and help us spread the organization throughout the world?. This is the last January Board which will be held at this historic site for JCI.? Cullinane thanked the staff for their years of dedication and service and wished them and their families good health, prosperity, love and success in all their future endeavors as this could be the last time the Board would be seeing many of them. JCI Vice President Kimmo Toivakka from Finland agreed, saying he felt both sad and moved yet happy, ?that when we depart we will be sharing the light of Junior Chamber.?
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