Humanitarian tournament in basket 2019


Jovana Zvicer

Local organization

JCI Belgrade

National organization



Jovana Zvicer


May 26, 2019


Fundraising for the equipment for the Science Station "Petnica"

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Insufficient resources to cover all needs of the Science Station "Petnica"

Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education


"On the way to Petnica" is a humanitarian project, initiated by JCI Belgrade, which aims to help talented Petnica researchers to improve their knowledge and develop their potentials. Through joint efforts supported by organizations, companies, and individuals who recognize and nurture the culture of social responsibility, we invest in their development, we strive to provide them with resources and give them an opportunity for acquiring knowledge.
This is the fifth year in a row that we organized the tournament and so far we delighted many scholars and talents, providing them with better learning conditions and a happier future. In addition to helping children, we promote philanthropy, health care, sports spirit, social responsibility, we connect companies and individuals and we create positive changes in our environment.

Tens of socially responsible companies and individuals supported the tournament and therefore provided funds for participation in the procurement of laboratory equipment and materials. An opportunity was provided for 15 talented students from low income families to develop their potential through the courses of the Petnica Science Centre.
By participating and supporting the tournament we want to share by example to young generations the importance of knowledge, primarily the awareness of social responsibility and philanthropy in bringing the positive changes to the society.


This year, with the support of the Mikser Festival, the Festival of Philanthropy and the BC Red Star, the tournament is organized with the aim of collecting funds to finance a computer for automatic adjustment of the telescope. The telescope was donated two years ago to Petnica Science Centre through our tournament. We have animated 23 companies to participate and have collected around 1200 Euros for computer purchases. The majority of the companies were from the IT industry and some of the participants were also attendees of the Petnica. The tournament was organized in the sports hall of The first Belgrade gymnasium. Our partners provided refreshments for the participants. The tournament was announced in many online and social media.


We have collected 1200 Euros and animated 31 socially responsible companies to take part or to support the project.


The project was a complete success. Participants awarded the project with very high marks. We are looking forward to organizing it again and maybe to include other sports and motivate more participants.

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