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Mutlu Toksöz


From December 13 to 15, 2019


Introducing Adana to other JCI members, Support and develop JCI Members for networking, To raise awareness on social issues,To gain 15% growth within the branch, Input and contribution to the Adana economy (through a sustainable project)

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Education and Economic Empowerment


We build a bridge between JCI TURKEY members and other steakhodlers and also they effective their ideas. 2 trainings were given to participants and with this project, we aimed to share a period of time with our friends who have special needs and to realize a jewelry design workshop with them. One of our goals is to ensure the sustainability of this project. As another objective, it has created a positive economic impact in the city and created an opportunity to introduce and market themselves for companies in Adana.


I LOVE ADANA awarded at the European Conference held in Lyon in 2019. This Project is a traditional and sustainable project organized by JCI Adana.This was the 6th time.We started I LOVE ADANA with 2014-2015 JCI ADANA handover ceremony and everyday put it on it. This event is one of the most important events in Turkey and JCI TURKEY has been awarded many times. This event, which includes more than one project in itself , was organized by JCI Adana between 13-15 December 2019. On the first day of the event, we organized a city tour for JCI members from other cities. In addition to visiting historical sites, our guests tasted our traditional foods and met with local people. Tthey had information about the culture and history of Adana.This situation also added value for Adana economy. Our local brands provided an opportunity to promote their products and brands to visitors from outside the city.
On the second day 2020 JCI TURKEY VP Fatih Katipoğlu educated us about SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Our guests who did not participate in the training they toured our city. After that we met with volunteer mothers and friends with special needs in the jewelry workshop. We danced, made jewelry and we got conversation and shared a wonderful time. We have completed the first stage of the .+1 Boncukta Sen Koy. In 2020, we will continue to be with our friends in different projects. In the evening of the day we performed our handover ceremony.
The third day of the event program JCI TURKEY 2020 VP Ayse Basak gave Networking training. These trainings positively affected the following skills of the members:
Negotiation Skills,
Communication Skills,
Partnerships Gönüllü Anneler Topluluğu, Mavi su Rehabilitasyon Merkezi

Results: The planned program has successfully achieved all planned objectives. “I Love Adana had approximately 150 participants. The historical and regional values of Adana were introduced through an interactive program designed specifically for the participants. The commitment and internal motivation of the COC team, members and candidate members in the organization were increased. JCI Adana has gained knowledge with the trainings they have received. In addition, it has cooperated with different stakeholders and took part in local and national media.


As a result of the event;
1) 25 new members have been acquired since 2014,
2) Our beautiful city Adana was introduced to the other JCI members and the Adana economy was supported,
3) The network of JCI members has been improved.
4) Awareness was created on social issues,
5) Members and participants have developed the following skills through training:
• Cooperation,
• Negotiation Skills,
• Communication skills,
6) JCI Members met many active young citizens,
7) JCI Members cooperated with different stakeholders,
8) Learning how to manage time, finance and project program efficiently,
9) Our management skills and problem solving skills were improved,
10) Responsibility was taken by the member and candidate members and their ability to carry out the project was learned,
11) Participants improved their social skills and made new friends,
12) With in the JCI criteria, impact has been created, motivation has been achieved, financial investments have been made, cooperation has been achieved and we reached our criteria for all goals.


“I Love Adana” Project is a project that aims to reach as many people as possible by bringing a city to the forefront with all its beauties. This project can of course be modified and improved to reach more people.

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