+1 Put You In The Bead // +1 Boncukta Sen Koy


Mutlu Toksöz

Local organization

JCI Adana

National organization



Mutlu Toksöz


December 14, 2019


Making jewelry workshop with Children with Special Needs

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Our friends who have special needs cannot socialize because they are alienation in society. As JCI Adana ; We aimed to share a time period in which they were not alienation and to carry out a jewelry design workshop with them. One of our goals is to ensure the sustainability of this project


People's communication with each other and the feeling of empathy gradually diminish with our friends who have special needs we said together with them +1 Put You In The Bead. The beautiful necklaces and bracelets were made together. These children have only love inside in their hearts and we testified unforgettable feelings in the hearts of all JCI members and guests. The people who participated in the project had fun and effective hours in which the emotions experienced in every moment . Our friends who participated in the project were given gifts such as picture book and crayons to draw in their homes by remembering us and using their imagination.


As a result of the activity;
Many members spent a time in which they could communicate and share with children with Special Needs.
30 children and 10 JCI necklace and bracelet with 120 members participated from 60 different branches in Turkey were made.
Some of the sold by auctıon in the Gala Night
All guests attending the event were informed about JCI.
Seeing the positive effects of this project on the disadvantaged groups, JCI members left the hall to bring the continuation of this project to their projects.


• Projects involving such activities can be carried out with more stakeholders to create more impact.
• By ensuring the sustainability of the project, the number of disadvantages in the area of influence expands and they have positive touches on many lives.

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