Jom Ambil Tahu Influenza and Polio


Leong Tze Chon

Local organization

JCI Moyog

National organization



Leong Tze Chon


February 1, 2020



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Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

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Health and Wellness


the objective of this initiative is to provide accurate information on influence and polio to local community in PENAMPANG district, The local community, especially the older age group, is not as well informed of the influenza and Polio as the urban and tech savvy community . Therefore the objective is to bring the healthcare professional to the community to answer their concerns and questions on these topics.


The invited main speakers was Dr Vasanthi Binti Selvaraju Senior Principla assistant director from Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah Bahagian Kesihatan representing Malaysia Medical Associaiton, furthermore the second speakers were Dr Jennifer and Dr Ahmad Firdaus bn Mohamed from Jambatan Kesihatan Kawasan Penampang have share on Influenza Dos and don’ts as well as the importance of vaccines for polio. According to Ms Dora of Pusat Khidmat Parliament PENAMPANG, the key to eradicate polio and to curb the spreading of influenza endemic can only be effectively stopped by educating the community with proper information from credible sources. Ms Dora is highly appreciative of JCI Moyog for their initiative in helping the community through program like this. They are looking for more collaboration such as this for the benefit of local people in PENAMPANG AND Moyog.


The outcome of this activity is quite promising, about 60 attendee came and join our deed. Attendees are more happy to acknowledge by official channels who concerns about health issues which able to provide useful & reliable information.


*Hopefully improvement can be made in future to notify all participants (official nor attendee) to be punctual on time.

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