The Biggest Obstacle is Lovelessness


Sinem Özgen

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JCI Adana

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Sinem Özgen


February 2, 2020


Leading our children to take social responsibility and strengthing our feelings of help

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Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities


Leading our disabled children to take social responsibility and strengthing our feelings of help. We aimed to realize this strengthening with the support that we receive from our animal friends


We made effort to raise awareness of our children with special needs in terms of social responsibility, respect for their friends, and showing love. Firstly we donated food to stray animals. Animals at the cat shelter in Adana were feeded with totally 270 kg food by our children with special needs,JCI members and our guests. We had the opportunity to get to know our children with special needs and also at the same time we didn’t forget the street animals


At the end of the activities ; JCI Members and guests spent more time at communicating our children with special needs (Autism, Down Syndrome, physically handicapped,mental disabled ) at the event.
By attending at the event our children with special needs got in touch with our animal friends and had a good time.Meanwhile the parents of these children participated in this event had a pleasant time.It was explained them that the street animals need help and in this way their awareness on this matter increased.


By increasing the number of social activities more participation of people and more donations to street animals can be provided.
By carrying out such activities with other groups at different projects social sharing and solidarity can be achieved.

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