Morena Children's Village


Mario-Mark Ruiters

Local organization

JCI Tshwane

National organization

South Africa


Mario-Mark Ruiters


From February 1, 2018 to June 16, 2020


Support orphange to re-build temporary shelter

Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

No Poverty

Development stage

Health and Wellness


To restore dignity to the children living in the orphanage


JCI Tshwane has been supporting Morena Children's Village for the since 2012. Our main impact over this period has been ensuring that vulnerable children are adequately documented in compliance with the standards of South Africa Social Security Agency and ensuring that adequate services are provided to the children and the village. Unfortunately, the major persistent obstacle for Morena Children's Village in providing the best service to the children, lies in the lack of a permanent structure with necessary amenities which are safe for the well-being of the orphaned children. The problem was exacerbated by a storm that ripped through their temporary housing structures on 2 February 2018.Until 6 February 2020 the children lived in five dwellings made from corrugated iron sheets and with no washing facilities. They also use one of the dwellings as a makeshift kitchen which can potentially pose a health risk. JCI Tshwane applied to various institutions to assist Morena Children's Village and funding was approved by The Embassy of Japan in South Africa. This led to the construction of a permanent structure that can house up to 30 children. The next phase will be to convert a unused space in the new facility into a study area and library as the 2020 JCI Tshwane Youth Day project.

Actions Taken

Donation drive for immediate relief after natural disaster. Apply for funding from various institutions. In order to submit application for funding, JCI Tshwane assisted the management team of Morena Children's Village to get completed building plans, bill of materials, builders quotes and other relevant information. The completed building was handed over to Morena Children's Village on 6 February 2020. As a youth day initiative, JCI Tshwane will be mobilizing our members to donate books and open a library/study room in the orphanage on 16 June 2020.


Morena Children’s Village was in a state where it operated without a stable and constructed structure,
working successfully under the guidance of the department of social development. Shacks were used to house neglected, destitute, abandoned, abused, needy families and vulnerable children. On the 6th of February 2020 a handing over ceremony was held to officially handover the newly constructed building of Morena Children’s Village funded by The Japanese Embassy in South Africa.


JCI local organizations need to look for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations who might have the resources available to take on more ambitious projects. JCI Tshwane assisted Morena Children's Village to apply for funding and also to gather all required documentations like building plans, bills of materials, builders quotations etc.


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