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Ahmad AbdAlKarim


From March 26 to April 10, 2020


Raising awareness about COVID-19

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Health and Wellness


As preventing the spread of the corona virus is more than ever essential,extreme poverty, poor sanitary conditions and the impossibility for the majority of the population to self-isolate make the prospect of a major outbreak particularly alarming.
“Amank” project aims to raise awareness to help dispel misinformation about the corona virus pandemic.


The project was established in cooperation with the Aleppo DOH and Barakat Pharmaceutical Industries Company as the official sponsor of the project.
“Amank” project aims to raise awareness about COVID-19 pandemic by promoting precautionary measures like frequent hand washing, wearing masks in public places, observe physical distance, avoid crowded places, and stay home as much as possible.
The project included two ways to publish the COVID-19 awareness messages:
1- Awareness posters about COVID-19 preventive measures
2- Distributing COVID-19 kits that contain mask, gloves, sanitizer and brochures with awareness messages.


Most health facilities and public places are containing awareness brochures about COVID-19.
Most people are in need to sanitizer, masks and gloves due to their high costs, but raising awareness about the hand washing , personal hygiene and social distance give people alternative methods in confronting this pandemic.
People felt that the pandemic should be concerned seriously.


provide remotely raising awareness messages about COVID-19 preventive measures for people in quarantine.
Follow up to the most crowded places to ensure that the covid-19 awareness brochures are still available.


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