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From April 18 to October 18, 2020


(1) Beneficiaries: hospital (doctors, all medical staff, security guards), people coming to the hospital to visit relatives and do medical examination. (2) Number of targeted visits: 1 million visits for each hospital during 6 months using our solution. (3) To promote: JCI Spirit, 17 SDGs (Goal 3+9) and UN Global Compact (principle 1+3+9). (4) To connect and take advantage of many resources from the community to show their community responsibility and join hands in repelling Covid 19 pandemic in Vietnam. It contributes to everyone's health protection and economic recovery.

Target population


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People impacted


Root cause

Lack of updated message of present labor needs to parents (communications)

Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


1. To raise people's awareness and reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection in Vietnam.
2. To reduce the cost burden for hospitals and also reduce the risk of infection of the first person of hospitals who directly contact/ meet many people (doorkeepers/ medical staff/..).
3. To raise people's awareness in social responsibility of sectors of the community about joining hands to repel Covid-19 in Vietnam, such as CSR programs of businesses, hospitals, sponsors, newspapers, broadcasters and the government.
4. To promote JCI spirit, 17 SDGs (3+9) and UN Global Compact (principle 1+3+9).


1. How was the “STAY STRONG VIETNAM” campaign born?
On January 23, Vietnam had its first case of Covid-19 infection. Three months later, the number of cases nationwide reached 271 cases spread across the country. The prolonged epidemic has seriously affected the economy of Vietnam in particular and also the world in general. Many factories have to close, in particular the Pou Yuen Factory with 70,000 workers has just been forced to stop working. All organizations are doing their best to strengthen the Covid 19 prevention, but are current temperature control procedures guaranteed yet? Especially in hospitals, where there are thousands of in-out visits every day.

Through a field survey at the above 10 public hospitals, during the strong outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic (April & May), 99% of hospitals are using manual temperature measurement solutions, and must increase the staff on duty 7-20 times (from 5am) more than the manual temperature measuring solution (depending on the flow of people in-out patients every day).

This method of heat measurement has the potential to spread the Covid-19, especially dangerous for the first person, such as security guards, medical staff, … because they must direct close contact and temperature measurement for thousands of people visiting, entering and leaving the hospital every day. In addition, applying the automatic thermometer directly to the visitor's forehead or ears is potentially infectious. Furthermore, the manual body temperature measuring equipment being used has a certain error due to many conditions, and it is difficult to determine the accuracy in one manual measurement.

Understanding this situation, JCI Central Saigon - Vietnam decided to launch an action campaign named "STAY STRONG VIETNAM" in order to support AUTOMATIC THERMAL CONTROL STATIONS for public hospitals in Vietnam, which help measure the temperature sensor by camera integrated with AI technology to detect the face is not wearing a mask and has signs of fever.

The outstanding advantage of our solution compared with the manual solution:
More accurate, standardized and synchronized than present manual measurement solutions.
Automatically alarm when there is a person who shows signs of fever, or not wearing a mask,...
More safety - Ensure a minimum social distance (2 meters).
Create a sense of peace of mind for local people when they need to go to the hospital for health check-úp.
Ability to accommodate large in-out traffic flow (5 seconds / 2 people).
Optimizing resources for hospitals and communities during Covid 19 (finances, workers ,..)

**How do we work the campaign “from home”?

During our 14-day community quarantine in Vietnam, we made full use of the power of the internet and our members' network. We call upon community resources to solve community problems together.
Seeking partners/ sponsors and giving media and communication benefits in return.
Communication will spread the project to community resources.
Communication spread across countries

[Stage 1] April 18 - May 18: Communication stage. Work with hospitals & find sponsoring partners / companions.

[Stage 2] May 18 - July 18 (3-5 days after signing the MOU): Construction, installation and handing over the automatic temperature control station to hospital.

[Stage 3] From the handover ceremony to 6 months later:
Hospital & citizens: Using the solution.
- Implementing unit: Consulting, maintenance and warranty.


Direct impact:
- Serve average 5,000 in-out visits to Binh Dan hospital every day. From May 20 to Sep 28, we served 643,218 visits.
- We help Binh Dan hospital to save $ 5,447 in 6 months using our solution.

Indirect impact
- Contributing a small part in raising people's awareness of protecting their own health against Covid-19 and Vietnam's 99-day streak of no community transmission.
- Media reach: Total 1,831,399 reach rate (including 831,399 from social media and 1 million from public media).



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