Manjunath P N


October 4, 2012



People impacted



Objective of this programme was to quench the thirsty of the people during this hot summer at most hottest place in Karnataka


Installation of 4 COLD DRINKING WATER STALLS done at different Remote corners of Shakthinagar. 1st water stall installed at 1st cross, Market area on 25.03.2012 at 10.30 am, 2nd water stall installed at 2nd cross, Shopping complex area on 31.03.2012 at 11.30 am, 3rd water stall installed at Sugureshwar Temple area on 01.04.2012 at 09.30 am and 4th water stall installed at Main Bus Stand area on 02.04.2012 at 10.00 am. Stalls were made by wooden bamboo huts and each Stall contained 4 MUD POTS of 50 Litres capacity each. Each Stall will be maintained fro 3 months from April to June 2012. To make up the water and to maintain each stall, a labour and a care taker is being appionted to each stall and is running successfully. It is the major long term project taken up by our chapter in the history of JCI Shakthinagar power city. Jc Srikanth Rao, Vice President (Growth and Development) was the project chairman for this Project. following members were formed into teams for taking care of 4 water stalls at different places lst water sstall at market area 1st cross shaktinagar Jc Shashidhar Jc Naveen Kumar Jc Diwakar Reddy Jc Sai Prasad Jc Ranjana 2nd water sstall at Shopping Complex area 2nd cross Shaktinagar Jc Vagesh Jc Shrinivas Murthy Jc Sunil Kumar Jc Basavanagouda Jc Suresh 3rd water sstall at Sugureshwara Temple area Devasugur Jc Mallikarjun Mutthugar Jc Adinath Jc Gayathri Jc Girish Jc Suresh C 4th water sstall at Main Bus Stand area Shaktinagar Jc Shrikanth Jc Shrinath Jc Anand Kumar Jc Yathish Kumar Jc Gangappa These 4 teams lead by Project chairman along with President, Secretary and Treasurer put an extraordinary effort in executing this uique project in predetermined way and reached more and more people and the project was a grand success.


it is recommneded to have this type of community develomment projects in the most remote rural areas.


As this INSTALLATION OFF 4 COLD DRINKING WATER STALLS project is successfully running at all 4 centres, people looking in an interesting and positive manner towards our chapter. Chapter has benefitted much as by seeing the result of this, many people came forward to sponsor some of the future programmes. Thus this project provided future sponsors to our LOM and also good name and respect to our chapter. As we installed 4 cold drinking water stalls at 4 different locations in and around shaktinagar of Raichur district, Karnataka state, India in a large scale, this has created major impact on the mind sets of the people and public to redirect their thoughts towards social service. Many people who are deprived of a basic need of water are feeling happy and satisfied and felt proud of JCI. To reach more than 1000 people in a day is not an easy task and this project as almost a grand success. As more than 1000 people are getting benefitted by our project, this has created a JCI wave in the society which enabled us to have a platform for extending one chapter.

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