JCI lab


Haifa Saadallah

Local organization

JCI El Jem


Haifa Saadallah


From May 9 to 31, 2020


younger inspiring generation

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Partnerships for the Goals

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


creating an opportunity to participants to obtain a set of skills through numbered online classes that pushes them and helps them develop ideas for their projects and how to access them


the lab targeted at the youth population in both tunisia and morocco in which each group came with a project idea in the follwing feilds : health , education,industry and infrastructure ,and worked on developing that idea through 10 different online classes that dealt with different aspects in regards of project developing .


through our project we were first able to bring together two contries to work on something towards the youth , tunisia and morroco
also we were able to give access to 10 differents skill development courses for free which they helped all the participants to further look and discover corners of their projet's ideas , we succeded in motivating the youth and giving their voices a chanel to go through , these courses helped them better understand what the society needs and how to work on a project for the sustainable good.
we developed a healthy and growing relationship with jci tetouan that we hope we can through it do much more


due to corona virus a big part of our project was cancelled , there was supposed to be a competion held between the participants in one of the contries where bankers , sponsors and expersts attended to judge each group's idea development and to pick a winner that was gonna get a prize money to help them start their project.
hopefully in the next edition we will go through ths part of the lab

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