Projektör 2020


Gökhan Barışkan

Local organization

JCI Istanbul

National organization



Gökhan Barışkan


February 1, 2020


Informing JCI culture and JCI Istanbul's projects and events to jci members and candidate jci's.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

People needs motivation and more people must work in this kind of big projects

Sustainable Development Goal

Partnerships for the Goals

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


PROJEKTOR The main objectives of our activity are as follows: 1. Every year JCI Istanbul New candidate to take part in projects and work Reaching the potential of the members, contributing to the human power of the projects 2. Planned through participating companies from different companies and business groups Projects, and events (sponsorship, organization, Publicity, etc.) come to help organizations 3.Who wanted to know about JCI Istanbul and its activities and It is a project for those who intend to become members. We are first introducing tell our candidates with JCI vision and mission.İmportant for who are in the process of joining JCI. Briefly; We tell JCI why they should become a member. 4.We meet people who have never met JCI, who are aware of projector activity through social media or reference. We try to persuade people who have never known JCI to become candidate members.


2019 Projector organised in Facebook İstasyon. Directors of each project introduces their goals and processes to build their teams. After presentations finished, candidates and members find chance to visit project tables and communicate with directors. İn this case we provide to build succesful teams for achive an strong impact.


With the projector event we builded our project teams with active members who has awareness. Its good to attract candidates to projects. Average 12-13 candidates attended to each project. This event helped us to get communication members with candidates and builded a fresh start for the year.


*Marketing activities should start minimum 1 month from the event date to get more attandies.
*Director academy helped the impact of event which we organised 2 weeks ago from the Projektor.
*Ice breakers are important for the attendies who met with JCI first time.
*All datas should collected begining of event.

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