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Thao Nguyen Ha Phuong


From March 13, 2020 to December 31, 2023


5 provinces of Mekong River Delta region in Vietnam which are affected heavily by climate change causing saltwater intrusion and soil salinization.

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Sustainable Development Goal

Climate Action

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


There are 3 main purposes of the project:
1. Direct: To provide the water filtration systems for people living in 5 provinces heavily affected by salinization.
2. Indirect:
a) To provide solutions of saving clean water using in agriculture activities among people living in affected provinces
b) To raise awareness of climate change and saving water among young active citizens of JCI Vietnam


+ General Information:
The Mekong River Delta (also known as West of Vietnam) is popular for a dense network of rivers and their tributaries in the central, and sparsely toward the both sides of the delta. Tien River and Hau River are the two main tributaries of Mekong River before entering the Ocean.
The West of Vietnam has 12 provinces and a central city. Geographically, there are seven provinces border directly with the South China Sea. The territory is low and has a shape of a parabola, so it is flooded annually.
Climate change and many other different causes (building hydroelectric dams, human awareness) have caused the sea level increased. Moreover, El Nino phenomenon affects the water source in the upstream scarce. As a result, drought and saline intrusion has effected seriously in the Mekong River Delta, especially at 5 provinces: Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Soc Trang, Kien Giang, Ca Mau.

+ Result of research and analysis:
The small-scaled and unplanned solutions will not improve the problems completely. A sample of a temporary solution was that in 2000, the delta was flooded severely. To help the residents, many donors donated small boats for the people to travel during the flooding season. However, these “fish” made people depended on the relief without efforts of trying to solve the problems at grass-root level.
Consequently, the problems were still remaining over time.

+ Suggested Solution: we need a better sustainable development for the area in long-term:
- Solutions for drought
- Solutions for Saline Intrusion
- Conducting workshops to help the residents in the West of Vietnam to adapt to new solutions with more benefits and more sustainable for their daily life and the environment.

+ Action Plan:
- Duration: 3 years, approach 1-2 provinces per year.
- Cooperate with local authorities to develop the detail action plan suitable for each place.
- Cooperate with experts to get consultancy relating to technology, agriculture and environment.

Actions Taken

Discuss with JCI East Saigon to invite JCI East Saigon to join the project to maximize impact.
General plan and Action plan
Field trip to Soc Trang Province with JCI East Saigon
Field trip to Tien Giang Province with JCI East Saigon
Fundraising within JCI Vietnam's members and others (Target: 4,250 USD for 2 systems)
Final Report
Coordinating the 1st training workshop on "Optimization Agricultural Watering System" with ASOP Vietnam, supported by the People's Committee of Thanh Hai District, Ben Tre Province


Phase 1: from March to November 2020
1. Cooperate with JCI East Saigon and engage 3rd parties to join the project (private sector, local authorities, social media and volunteers)
2. Fundraising reach 4,250 USD through activities: selling souvenir in JCI South Saigon's project fair, sponsor from Jaycees and entrepreneurs
3. Site check 3 places: Ben Tre, Soc Trang and Tien Giang province.
4. Analyze to choose Ben Tre province to conduct the 1st activities.
5. Install 02 water filter systems for saltwater and heavy metal contaminated water
6. Successfully organize 01 training workshop for local residents on topic "Saving water in agricultural operation"


Phase 2:
- Continue training course for local residents on "saving clean water", "hi-tech agriculture" and "climate change adaption in agriculture production"
- Get involved from young students to raise more awareness of climate change
- Cooperate with more private sector to provide effective solutions
- Planting trees to keep maintain soil.


Project Director: Ms. Le Ngoc Nguyen - Email:

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