JCI SOLO for AUTISM (Walk for Autism and Charity Night)


Syafitri Pusparani

Local organization

JCI Jakarta

National organization



Syafitri Pusparani


July 25, 2012


Local special needs children and parents, autism society, citizen and JCI SOLO members

People impacted



In order to commemorate WORLD AWARENESS DAY of AUTISM, the goal is raise AWARENESS of community and City Government about caring for special needs children who get a decent education, as other normal children. Supporting no. 2 UNMDGs Goal of “achieving universal primary education”, then as they got a superior education. These activities as well as support programs to make solo city as a city worthy of a child (kota layak anak)


The event was organized together with all the observers and the citizen who care with special needs children (±500 people). The motion path is held in the middle of the city (JL. Slamet Riyadi when Car Free Day) in order to attract the attention of the society. At the moment, there are a series of finished point event, which was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Solo City. There was also a special needs child who performs here


These are the first step of the project. Now we are planning the second step. We are going to create a media centre to educate people in local area, developing the potential of children, and also to get some easily advocate to our municipalities to support all the things about aducation to the kids. In the next, we will work together with JCI chapter Kaltim, as a initiator of the autism issues and also other chapter in Indonesia such as JCI chapter Surabaya, etc to make this issues taken as a serious matter to deal with in around the world

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