General Members' Meeting


Ehsan Arnaout

Local organization

JCI Homs

National organization



Ehsan Arnaout


January 22, 2021


New and old JCI Homs members

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To give the new members a heart-warming welcome to JCI Homs and introduce them to the local board and old members of JCI Homs as well as to the Junior Chamber International in general


Location: Engineers and Doctors Club
Time: from 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm

First, the local Board of 2021 introduced themselves to the attendees and explained their tasks and responsibilities. Then they motivated the new members by highlighting what it means to be a JCI member and how their contributions can be of major significance to their community. Then each member introduced themselves and their interests.

Afterwards, the VP Individual Mr. Al Mekdad Morjan asked for some volunteers to participate in a variety of icebreaker games and activities ranging from quick quizzes in Arabic and English, to chair chairs, and dancing games such as the famous Macarena dance.

The local Board concluded the meeting by thanking all attendees for their tremendous excitement this year. Finally, they invited all participants to take a couple of group photos followed by personal photo sessions afterwards.

Actions Taken

Facilitators encouraged the old members to mingle and engage in lead-in roles so that the new members could be more motivated and relaxed. This was also a great way for the new members to share their expectations with the experiences of the old ones.
New and old members were seated randomly at 8-person tables, which helps participants start conversations, understand each other more, and enable better collaboration and networking.
Members engaged in fun icebreaker activities designed to energise them and create a positive and memorable experience.


A soul-stirring and pleasing welcome was well received by those who proved to be potential leaders. There was even more participation than there was at last year’s General Members' Meeting. New and old members of JCI Homs were able to communicate and collaborate effectively. This was evident upon realising new members’ feedback.


To provide more games that involve more participants and more time to make conversations and have dinner.
To let those who have been JCI members for many years to share their stories, successes, projects, etc.


VP Individual Mr. Al Mekdad Morjan

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